Rocketship Education – Results

Rocketship Education is a special network of elementary schools that partner across the U.S. to provide a better system of education – and eventually, of living – to many young students who are in at-risk or low-income communities. Cities like Nashville, Globeville, Elyria, Swansea and others hold many children who are at risk of not finishing high school, enrolling in college or even making a decent career or salary altogether, a very sad fact to consider but one no less real. If something is not done now, as Rocketship Education claims every time, then the very future well-being and success of the next generation of minority groups in America may suffer in each area – eventually leading to greater joblessness, homelessness and even rising rates in crime as a result. It all begins with a good education.


Rocketship Education notes that its own system of education is quite special and changes every year, not to mention that it currently holds its own weight of success standards, practices and policies to effect such updated changes. Schools that use this educational system can see the difference; most of their young graduates excel in their later future endeavors and even proceed to pursue college courses in journalism, science, math, history and more. We never know where the next great leader can come from; he or she may even be in a current state of poverty below the poverty line and may require assistance, and this is why Rocketship Education does what it does each day – it seeks to make a permanent difference.

There are also countless language barriers that targeted students of Rocketship Education face, and Rocketship Education is no less prepared to meet each individual challenge head on, one student at a time. Most enrolled students never learned English in the home, and that alone – as one can imagine – will thus create its own barrier of problems in the short run; however, with proper training, these can turn into strengths in the end. For instance, already knowing another language will lead to greater job success later.