JD.Com and the Future of Shopping

JD.com made its debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Eureka Park, Las Vegas. “Delivering the Future of Shopping” was the theme of their booth, where the largest retailer in China was able to show off their mastery over logistics and technology for the benefit of customer and partner alike.

JD.com’s pitch was one of empowering consumers through technology, given them the power over retail whether they’re shopping in stores or online, even tapping into virtual reality.

One of their latest reveals are automated delivery stations, powered by the company’s logistics, in Changsha and Hohhot.

For now they’re just conducting research and development while the technology is refined back at JD.com. But these delivery robots, carrying 30 parcels a piece to their destinations, spread out over a five-kilometer radius, are an example of how the company envisions the future of shopping. Using facial recognition to identify customers at predetermined destinations, they’re estimated to deliver up to 2,000 packages per day.

JD.com doesn’t just see the technology as a boon for business, but as a factor in how cities will operate.

Those in attendance at CES will get to see for themselves just how far the company has come, and how far shoppers will eventually go. At the JD.com booth, attendees will be able to see delivery robots and drones up close, experience shopping in virtual and augmented reality, and test the next step in the Internet of Things, interacting with everything from household appliances to smart cars. But one of the major draws are exoskeletons used by JD.com warehouse workers to lift heavier loads, which people can experience firsthand.

Chen Zhang, Chief Technology Officer, expressed the company’s interest in being more international. With a active customer base of more than 300 million, spread over more then 99% of populated China, JD.com has a vested interest in shaping worldwide shopping. This means leveraging their technology while reaching out to companies in disparate industries to fully realize their strategy of Retail as a Service.

JD.com can be found in South Hall 3 of the Las Vegas Convention Center for the duration of CES, at Booth #30329.

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Sheldon Lavin: On Innovation and Building a Family Culture in Business

Although Sheldon Lavin started his career in finance, his involvement with funding for a meat processing plant set him on a path that would change the future of food processing.

Lavin originally studied accounting and finance, but always had the final goal of owning a business. Then in 1970 Lavin helped arrange financing for Otto & Sons, a meat processing facility built in West Chicago, Illinois. The company was originally named after Otto Kolschowsky, but it was later changed to OSI Industries. Through his continued involvement in OSI Industries, Sheldon Lavin eventually become the owner.

From the beginning Lavin was an innovative thinker, but this thinking has grown and developed with OSI. His goal was to make OSI Industries a world class food processing enterprise. Today, the company is located in 17 countries with over 70 facilities. They mainly produce protein products, but also have branched into some sauces, vegetable items and baked goods. Sheldon Lavin has a vision to continue to grow OSI Industries to be one of the global leaders in the food industry.

With OSI Industries spanning so many countries and growing into different types of food production, Sheldon Lavin does his best to maintain a family culture within the company. While many companies of that scope dictate from the top down, Lavin takes a different approach. His office is always open. The employees in the corporate office frequently eat lunch together and address each other by their first name. This family culture came about over time and has worked well for OSI Industries. Levin attributes much of the success of OSI Industries to the great talent within the company and does his best to take care of his employees and their families.

Additionally, Sheldon Lavin is a philanthropist who has teamed with charities such as Ronald McDonald House Charities to help the less fortunate. Lavin believes all should help within their means.

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Go Beyond Shopping With JD.com

Recently, Jingdong or J.D.com has established its premium membership program known as JD Plus that incorporates a wide and resplendent range of complete and exclusive benefits and promotions that allows people all the more reasons to join the membership program. Three years ago, it has been the first Chinese e-commerce company that created a premium and paid membership service. The latest news of JD.com has been trending all over China and about a week ago, the JD Plus members were able to experience premium subscriptions to China’s leading Question and Answer platform known as Zhihu as well as unlimited access to hundreds to thousands of online books via membership of Zhihu. In addition to this, Zhihu means “do you know?” in English and it is known for being the Quora of China. Zhihu is composed of more than 200 million young and well-educated users worldwide. Internet users of all ages in China find Zhihu very accurate and reliable for in-depth knowledge and insights on different topics and information that are available online.

All members of Zhihu will be able to gain an easy access to the complete range of JD Plus and its advantages, with more than 10 million JD Plus members who are lucky enough to avail their premium services such as exclusive discounts on purchases, shipping discounts, quick accumulation of “JingDou” loyalty points for product purchases, 24-hour exclusive customer service, and other cool and exclusive premium features that can be used both offline and online. JD.com’s successful partnership with Zhihu was able to give its JD Plus members free access to more than 600 audiobooks and 10,000 e-books as well as real-time question and answer sessions of Zhihu “Live”. Moreover, all existing members of JD Plus will also have the opportunity to earn benefits from Zhihu without extra charge after the membership renewal.

Millions of Chinese consumers have seen the value and significance of JD.com’s premium membership program and started to join because of its benefits. Ever since it was introduced, JD.com has been continuously adding unique features for JD Plus members and hundreds of benefits that are beyond its own platform.

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Expert Managers of Excess MSR’s – New Residential Investment Corporation

New Residential Investment Corp. is one of the staple names in the investment management industry when it comes to residential investments. One of the focus investments of New Residential Investment Corp. is Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights. These kinds of investments dominate a third of their major investments in the company’s portfolio. Excess Mortgage Service is the amount of money left, or the percentage of cash flow that remains after the funds have been divided into principal payments. Mortgage Servicing Rights are assets that transfer the service portfolio from the individual to the manager – when rights are transferred, the investment manager can act as the controller of the funds, so the manager can distribute and collect payments.

Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights are very visible in the market, and there are about $10 trillion dollars worth of investment opportunities that are available in the market. Currently, majority of Mortgage Servicing Rights are held by banks, but New Residential Investment Corp. foresees that this percentage will decline in the near future because of heightened capital reserve requirements. As banks sell their rights to private companies, there are more opportunities opening for private firms like New Residential Investment Corp., and the opportunity to co-invest in Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights can be held by the company.

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Adam Milstein Loves Jewish Identity

Adam Milstein should be regarded as a hero in the world of Jewry because he commits innumerable hours and amounts of money toward the Jewish plight. His wife should also be considered a heroine, because she helps to contribute to the effort of advocating for the Jewish plight.

Jews have been a historically persecuted minority group in world history. They have always been hated, no matter where they went. Jews have always wandered around the world, not quite having a home and always living on the lands of other people. Israel is very important for the Jews because it provides them with a permanent place to call home. It is a place where the Jews can be themselves, govern themselves and not be under someone else’s foot.

It only makes sense that a Jewish country should be where Israel is currently located, since the roots of Jewish identity have to do with the Jewish religion, and the Jewish religion has to do with biblical events. Judaism came before and heavily influenced both Islam and Christianity. It should be respected as some sort of grandfather religion. This is why Jews are so important, why they must be preserved and why they must have their own country.

“Why I’m Optimistic About the Jewish Future In America,” is a declaration that everything will be okay for Jewish people in the future. Prospects are looking bright, and Jewish people will survive. This is based on Adam Milstein’s observations of young Jewish adults who are actively involved in preserving Jewish identity. These people include activists, people who have just arrived home from taking part in Birthright and people who are just really enthusiastic about Jewish identity.

Adam Milstein understands that people have different needs at different stages of life. This is why Adam Milstein has put enormous mounts of thought into funding programs that appeal to a wide variety of age groups.