Beneful Dog Feeds

Beneful is a brand of dog products. Ultra Whole Body Health Dog Natural Dry Food is a feed that nourishes the dogs, by taking an entire body approach. It is an optimal balanced diet of premium proteins and other major nutrients created by nutritionist. Being so delicious and tasty, it supports the need of my dog through all the stages of growth. The unique fibre in the feed helps in the digestion, maintaining my dog’s health. Antioxidant nutrients will provide my dog with a strong immune system. Presence of DHA and EPA, which is in optimum levels, gives my dog a healthy and active brain. Muscle development is facilitated by the quality proteins present. Taurinent is added to give my dog healthy eyes and heart. Beneful Dog and Dry Food feature tasty, healthy ingredients in different shapes and sizes to interest my dog. It is comprised of balanced diet, due to the original recipe. The moist rubbery chunks are made with real beef; vitamin rich vegetables and nutritious grains, which are so beneficial for my dog’s health. The crunchy moist texture makes the food colourful and enjoyable for my dog .The real beef gives my dog strong muscles, due to the protein present. Carbohydrates give my dog energy all day. Natural Dog Food and Grain Free Dog Food, has restricted number of proteins and carbohydrates, so that my dog can only get the required amount. Duck tasty protein, supplies essential amino acids to my dog. Fresh potatoes give my dog enough carbohydrates and other nutrients, which are highly digestible providing enough energy for my dog. This grain free formula features a variety of tasty ingredients which provide other essential vitamins for my dog. Flaxseed and canola oils provide Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for skin healthy coat. Rosemary provides excellent antioxidant that acts as a natural preservative. Natural Balance Original Ultra Chicken Salmon and Duck canned food, is a whole balanced quality, which contains a superior mixture of animal and grain product. Being made of quality meats from Petco, potatoes, carrots and brown rice are also used, which results to a unique blend with a high digestibility assurance, providing my dog with the necessary nutrients. For growing puppies the feed is mixed with Natural Balance Original Ultra Dry, which could ease the weaning process thus stimulating appetite for my puppies. This feed satisfies the caloric requirements and is also great for picky eaters that can help kindle my older dog’s appetite. Beneful provides the best dog meals of all time.