Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases By Lifeline Screening

Despite the fact that there is a great advancement in technology and medical care in health facilities, cardiovascular diseases remain to be the leading cause of deaths in America. According to statistics, one out of four deaths in America is as a result of the heart and the blood vessels diseases. Luckily, Lifeline screening is dedicated to providing full range screening to patients to prevent emergency situations that can be life-threatening. Lifeline screening is a privately owned wellness company that focuses on cardiovascular screening for individuals throughout the world. It was founded in 1993, and it is located in Texas.

When you are preparing for lifeline screening, ensure that your dressing is comfortable and fit for the procedural tests. Usually, it is advisable to wear two pieces clothing that is somehow loose. For men, it is more appropriate to wear short-sleeved shirts. Consider leaving all jewelers at home as they can interfere with how the devices work. Also, do not apply oil or any lotion as it can interfere with some of the equipment. For the ladies, avoid wearing long stockings or pantyhose to enable easy accessibility of the screening parts. There are some tests such as bone density screening which are done to the lower limbs hence wearing comfortable socks, and a pair of shoe is required.


Lifeline screening performs their tests in painless procedures that ensure patients comfortability. The company gets detailed information from finger stick blood tests that enable them to detect many problems by use of small amount of blood. Some of the tests include ultrasounds, blood tests as well as EKGs which detect aneurysms, irregular heartbeats, and peripheral heart diseases. For some experiments, special preparations are undertaken to ensure accurate results. For example, when you want to undergo a complete lipid panel test, one is supposed to fast for eight hours before the test. An aortic aneurysm on the other hand requires four hours of fasting for the procedure to be effective.

Lifeline screening is of great benefit as people are now able to acquire a lifesaving medical treatment before a major cardiovascular problem occurs. This screening has enabled people to identify their problems as early as possible because symptoms of cardiovascular disease do not manifest immediately. This causes severe damage to the body without showing any sign that there is a problem. Lifeline screening has remained the leading in providing preventive tests throughout America, therefore, prolonging lives of patients whose problems have been identified early.