JMH Development Does a Lot of Business Thanks to Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

The owner of JMH Development, Jason Halpern, has done what he can to make sure that the business is successful. He has overcome a lot of challenges and has worked to make sure that his company has the best development opportunities for people in the areas that it is located in. The business has corporate offices that are located in Philadelphia but Jason Halpern has come up with ideas for developments around the country. He follows the best markets and always works in cities that are the hottest options. Since Jason Halpern is the owner of the company, he can work hard to make sure that he is showing people what they can get out of the buildings. He is also able to do a lot of work that allows him to be successful and to have developments operating in a shorter period of time than most developers.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Despite the fact that Jason Halpern is the owner of the company, he prefers to stay involved with the business in every way that he can. If this means that he has to do the physical labor of developing a building, he occasionally does that so that he can meet deadlines. His ability to go hands-on is reflective of his dedication to developing and the experience that he had prior to opening up the opportunity of JMH Development. Jason Halpern is experienced in developing and can work on nearly every aspect of developing the buildings that he works to make a possibility.

Jason’s Own Time

The real estate market can be tricky especially for developers but Jason Halpern knows a lot about it. He also knows the right way to make sure that he can get the most out of the market. By understanding the markets that he is in and the way that he can choose development opportunities, Jason Halpern has given himself a chance to make sure that things are going to work out for him. The opportunities that he has within different markets show that he has been dedicated to developing different cities and sticking with the trends that are happening at that time.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason Halpern knows the right way to give people choices. He has done a lot during the time that he has worked with people on developments and this has given him a chance to make sure that he can do more with the options that he has. Jason Halpern wants to provide new opportunities to people who are in different areas and he knows that offering them choices in developments is the right way to be able to do it. He also knows that having a lot of luxury choices will make people more interested in the developments.

The Aggregate Reveals Market Trends in Manhattan Real Estate

TOWN Residential, a leading real estate company based in New York, has released its quarterly report, The Aggregate, for the last quarter of 2015. TOWN Residential specializes in luxury residential properties in NYC apartments for sale and its environs. In the report, it is obvious that the trend of sales in Manhattan has been on the rise, and compared to the previous year, there was an average increase of 5.2% over the same quarter. Median sales volume recorded a 16% increase to $1,150,000.

Additionally, the price per square foot increased to reach a record high that was evidenced median sale trends which was 6.2% more than the previous year. Condos in Manhattan recorded the most significant increase at $1,736,250 in the last quarter of 2015, considering the year to year gains. The price per square foot in the median residences revealed 11% more than the year, and 7.6 percent more than the 3rd quarter of 2015. On average, a co-op was selling at $1,272,902 in Manhattan, an increase of 4.6 percent compared to the third quarter of the same year.

The Aggregate has revealed the rise in price trends in almost every segment in the fourth quarter considering all properties by size. For instance, a three-plus bedroom condo was selling at $4,421,300, while a median co-op of the same size recorded 15 percent increase in the last quarter of 2015. Andrew Heiberger, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TOWN Residential, noted that there is a wider gap between newly development properties and those offered for resale. In early 2015, resale values hit record high, but the situation started to stabilize in the late-summer according Wendy Maitland, Head of Sales at TOWN.

Wendy revealed that the firm is still experiencing record prices as a result of year-over-year basis. By 30th December, there were more than 7,900 units that included coops, townhouses and condos in New York real estate market. Manhattan alone had more than 4,300 units, recording more than half of the units available for sale. Real estate experts at TOWN Residential view this inventory as sufficient and suggest a more balanced and healthy 2016. The fact that buyers are promptly informed, they are ready and able to buy the best property but not at any price, the report reveals. TOWN Residential releases The Aggregate after comprehensive research has been conducted on the entire real estate industry in New York City.

What’s Happening in the Luxury New York Real Estate Scene

As the US economy recovers from the after effects of the Great Recession that followed the 2008 stock market crash, New York leads the way in a real estate recovery that shows no signs up letting up. Sales of luxury New York real estate in 2015 skyrocketed, and the new year looks to be one that shatters even more records. All of this is an astounding bit of business news, and realtors in the luxury real estate market are leading the charge in brokering great deals for high powered clients.

Record Shattering Sales

2015 saw real estate records falling in the real estate market, at levels that are truly astounding. One of the most amazing sales was the $100.47 million sale of the penthouse at the incredibly luxurious One57 midtown skyscraper. This building is proving to be a major attraction for billionaires looking for properties that will store their cash and the new years looks to be seeing even more sales here at eye-popping levels.

Sales were also headed for the stratosphere in the condominium at 147 West 57th Street. This building, which faces Central Park, has prices heading in to the nine digits. All across Manhattan and also in the ever more luxurious and desirable Brooklyn, prices are going higher and higher, attracting plenty of billionaires worldwide.

Having a Realtor Who Knows The Luxury Market

Given the way prices are headed for top properties in New York, it’s critical that buyers and sellers work with realtors who have the know how to put together the right kind of deal. That’s why the realtors at TOWN real estate are now at the top of the list in this very heated market.

Since its launch as a specialist in luxury New York real estate in 2010, TOWN has become a top firm in this very competitive market. TOWN offers best-in-class customer service, and offers incredible know how and a fine tuned sense of the market in New York city as well as the outer boroughs.

When it’s time to get in on the skyrocketing New York luxury real estate market, it’s time to talk to the specialists at TOWN.