Securus to Highlight Wrongdoings of Global Tel Link In Series of Releases

Securus Technologies is a major provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions specially created for investigation, corrections, and public safety, as well as monitoring. They have released a recent report exposing a number of findings, facts, and articles by a communications provider called Global Tel Link (GTL).

Securus will be publishing a series of press releases to illuminate the wrongdoings of GTL.

Firstly, a 17 page PSC (Public Service Commission) from the Louisiana Department of Corrections is a source of evidence. Upon investigation, they found that GTL programmed clocks to add time to each phone call, meaning the prisoners had less time to use the phone than they should have.

GTL also charged higher rates for their calls than is allowed by certain rate caps. GTL also added various additional charges that were not justified. These additional programs and add-ons go against prisoner rights.

Securus has posted an in depth report on their own website, which shows more details. Securus is headquarter in Texas (city of Dallas). It boasts more than 3,000 customers in the form of corrections agencies. It helps them keep their prisoners phone lines secure in North America.

Everything from biometric analysis, to emergency response, to communication and information management are included. Inmates use securus as a self-service platform, which helps them communicate to the outside world and keep everyone safer overall.