Healing Breaths: How Stem Cell Treatment and The Lung Institute Are Helping Chronic Patients Breathe Again

For people with chronic lung conditions, many everyday things such as walking up stairs or even have a conversation while standing up become a chore, or even an impossibility without the aid of Oxygen. For these people life can be a constant struggle. But, with recent advances in stem cell therapy, many have started seeing improvements that stunned even their doctors.

One organization that employees such treatment is The Lung Institute, with several locations across America from Tampa, Florida to the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. Their treatment, carried out by world-class doctors with over a century of combined experience, involves harvesting stem cells from the patient’s own blood or bone marrow, which are then separated from the other cells and returned into the patient’s bloodstream in a concentrated dose. From there the cells come to rest inside the lungs, promoting both natural healing and a reduction of inflammation.

Treating diseases such as emphysema, COPD, (http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/33635903/copd-patients-are-saying-yes-to-stem-cells-at-the-lung-institute-in-tampa), pulmonary fibrosis and even asthma, The Lung Institute has done much to touch the lives of people whose entire existences were dictated by chronic and debilitating illnesses. With their treatment, patients were able to do everyday tasks that were made difficult due to these diseases such as gardening, walking the dog, or even taking a shower with ease again, greatly increasing their quality of life and overall well-being on top of the obvious healing benefits.

In the past, treatment options (lunginstitute.com) were limited when it comes to the lungs, but today there is no need for that to be the case. With undeniable results and safe, minimally invasive treatments, places like The Lung Institute truly are working wonders and changing the lives of people who, in the past, may not have had any options for effective treatment. With this shining example in place, stem cell treatment has a bright future when it comes to healing and changing the lives of many, many people with debilitating and even life threatening diseases.