JD.Com and the Future of Shopping

JD.com made its debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Eureka Park, Las Vegas. “Delivering the Future of Shopping” was the theme of their booth, where the largest retailer in China was able to show off their mastery over logistics and technology for the benefit of customer and partner alike.

JD.com’s pitch was one of empowering consumers through technology, given them the power over retail whether they’re shopping in stores or online, even tapping into virtual reality.

One of their latest reveals are automated delivery stations, powered by the company’s logistics, in Changsha and Hohhot.

For now they’re just conducting research and development while the technology is refined back at JD.com. But these delivery robots, carrying 30 parcels a piece to their destinations, spread out over a five-kilometer radius, are an example of how the company envisions the future of shopping. Using facial recognition to identify customers at predetermined destinations, they’re estimated to deliver up to 2,000 packages per day.

JD.com doesn’t just see the technology as a boon for business, but as a factor in how cities will operate.

Those in attendance at CES will get to see for themselves just how far the company has come, and how far shoppers will eventually go. At the JD.com booth, attendees will be able to see delivery robots and drones up close, experience shopping in virtual and augmented reality, and test the next step in the Internet of Things, interacting with everything from household appliances to smart cars. But one of the major draws are exoskeletons used by JD.com warehouse workers to lift heavier loads, which people can experience firsthand.

Chen Zhang, Chief Technology Officer, expressed the company’s interest in being more international. With a active customer base of more than 300 million, spread over more then 99% of populated China, JD.com has a vested interest in shaping worldwide shopping. This means leveraging their technology while reaching out to companies in disparate industries to fully realize their strategy of Retail as a Service.

JD.com can be found in South Hall 3 of the Las Vegas Convention Center for the duration of CES, at Booth #30329.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong and the Tech Future

Richard Liu Qiangdong and JD.com will continue to strive for excellence as they step into the future. The future is made by decision makers such as Richard Liu Qiangdong who understand the needs and wants of the consumer and strive to make a difference in their lives.

Let’s take a look at some recent news about what Richard Liu Qiangdong and JD.com are doing with their time on this planet.

The Integration of Drones Into Society

Large cities and more advanced areas have all the luck and opportunity. Individuals that live in big cities are likely to have exposure to the latest interesting components such as scooters presented by companies such as Bird, Lime, and others. Individuals that live in cities are likely to have more exposure to the jobs, innovations, and events that are present therein. Those who reside in more rural areas do not necessarily have all these opportunities or access to these opportunities because of the different type of society that is present therein. Richard Liu Qiangdong understands the discrepancy and realizes that there is value by going after these new and underserved markets.

So what is he doing to go after these underserved markets? He is collaborating with companies such as Alibaba to bring about quality vehicles that will help to solve a few of their connection issues. Due to the lack of proper logistics infrastructure within rural areas, more companies may stay away. It may be hard to conduct business because of the lack of infrastructure.

As such, companies such as JD.com with their leaders like Richard Liu Qiangdong are looking at ways to distribute value to them as well. One way of doing so is through drone technology. Drone technology with the integration of artificial intelligence and robotics makes it to where it is more efficient and it is effective.

The initial investment is the cost, continuous hourly costs or yearly costs for human personnel are not part of the picture with unmanned drones. As such, the company has been conducting tests in various different regions within China and in other nations to make an impact.

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An Overview of Oren Frank’s Career

Oren Frank is the owner of a therapy video app chat called Talkspace, which is now reaching more than a million users within five years worth its business. Frank brought up that Neil Leibowitz has been hired to be the next chief medical officer after working with UnitedHealth, who will help psychiatrists with prescribing for their clients while remaining under state and federal regulations. Another highlight of having Leibowitz is their next mission towards mental health, which was starting to be prominent after teaming up with Magellan Health, a company that assists employers with their work. Talkspace has also been growing due to the increasing amount of millennials showing depression and other negative emotions, and everyone working with Talkspace made sure to solve the problem that people not living at a nearby mental health clinic would have, as well as prioritizing on assisting as many people while the amount of clients continues increasing. Check out Oren Frank interview on Youtube

On Oren Frank’s Twitter, he mainly posts links towards news sites that bring up physical and mental health as well as retweeting from other individuals or sites that have Twitter accounts. He tweeted a link regarding how girls become more depressed on social media than in real life, and he told Talkspace that he will help delete accounts. Oren Frank also tweeted about how he and Bill Gates both wash their dishes, which is what he thinks to have in common with Gates. He quoted a tweet from The Economist regarding how Toronto created more tech jobs than the combined amount of the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington, DC; he replies that the American dream lives on, presumably with irony. He also told Talkspace that investors and entrepreneurs need to focus on the mental health crisis with a link to a webpage regarding that topic.

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Bob Reina Embraces Newest Talk Fusion Advancements.

The technological world is always changing and that is due in large part to the work of companies like Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion, created by Bob Reina, is a video marketing company that focuses on bridging the gap between communication and clientele. Talk Fusion has been in operation for over a decade now, producing game-changing video marketing software to help companies hit their next level. Bob Reina, a former Sheriff’s Deputy, has led the team through every step of the process and now he is introducing the most exciting new piece of software in Talk Fusion’s toolbox yet: Live Meetings.


The Live Meetings video marketing application was developed by Bob Reina and CTO Ryan Page in order to help outgoing-video conference calls on a massive scale. Through the Live Meetings application, companies can have up to 15 hosts send out video to roughly 500 viewers at a time. The application was developed with WebRTC technology and as a result, it looks like it will be more effective, efficient, and capable than many other modern alternatives.


The Live Meetings conferencing software isn’t the first piece of software to benefit from Talk Fusion’s renewed attention to WebRTC technology, but it certainly looks like it may be the most effective yet. Thanks to WebRTC structuring, Live Meetings is accessible across all platforms with just the click of a link. No longer are companies and consumers beholden to downloading plugins or buying expensive software in order to use the program. Simply receive the link from the company, press the button, and you are inside of the web conferencing.


WebRTC technology is looking to do for the industry what Talk Fusion has done for the rest of the video marketing world. Talk Fusion’s success developing video marketing software has been almost unrivaled within the industry and now they’ll have another chance to be on full display. Learn more:  https://www.crunchbase.com/person/bob-reina#/entity


Bob Reina and Talk FUsion are coming into the new year with their sights set on more innovation. Last year, Talk Fusion raked in several prestigious industry awards for their work on the Video Chat application. Now, Talk Fusion and Bob Reina are looking to make another big move and they are inviting people along for the ride. Bob Reina recently opened up Talk Fusion University which serves to help train potential associates who want to work with and sell Talk Fusion marketing tools. Consumers impressed by the Live Meetings software will no doubt want to get involved.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope Investing In Anti-Aging Research

Ever since the beginning of time, man has been searching for the secrets of eternal youth. As science brings the world unbelievably closer to reality, one entrepreneur is donating his time and money to anti-aging research. That entrepreneur, Jason Hope, is working towards bringing anti-aging solutions to the masses.

In 2010, Mr. Hope donated a half a million dollars to the SENS foundation, a group at the forefront of anti-aging research. Since then, SENS lab in Cambridge has been able to better equip itself and make headway in the field of anti-aging research.

According to Mr. Hope, the approach SENS takes to tackle anti-aging is particularly intriguing. The SENS foundation treats aging as a disease. And by treating the human aging process as something akin to cancer, the researchers can potentially find cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s which is closely correlated to aging in the body.

SENS stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.” This non-profit has attracted the likes of Jason Hope for preventative medicine approach to aging. With a team of dedicated scientist and researchers, SENS has benefitted greatly from the support of Jason Hope among others.

Among the researchers supported by Jason Hope is the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation Aubrey de Grey. Dr. de Grey has spent decades working on rejuvenation biotechnology that may be able to reverse the aging process in cells and hence create a body immune to the disease of aging.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. Best known as a futurist, Mr. Hope was actually educated in business with a degree in finance from the University of Arizona. After undergraduate studies, Mr. Hope attended Arizona State university’s W.P. Carey School of Business, where he received his Masters in Business Administration degree.

Today Mr. Hope is a business consultant as well as an investor in many technology-based ventures. One of Mr. Hope’s interest is the emerging technology from the “Internet of Things.” Additionally, Mr. Hope offers grants to entrepreneurs with promising ideas but limited resources.

From his dedication to anti-aging research to his work on emerging technology, Jason Hope is working hard to lead the way for medical and technological innovation in the 21st century.

Jason Hope Info: entrepreneur.wiki/Jason_Hope

Jason Hope’s E-Book is Another Accurate Anticipation of the Market

There is a web of communication stretching all around the globe. From the United States to Australia and everywhere else in between, there is a plethora of information being exchanged every single day. People access the internet on their smartphones, through computers, and even when working their jobs through special kiosks or workstations. This is truly an age where people are more connected than ever. This web of objects that people use to interact with information available on the internet is called the Internet-of-Things, or IoT. This IoT is the tangible interface for the intangible network that is the internet. When people think about accessing information, they often don’t think about the portal they use. Technology titan Jason Hope’s new e-book discusses these objects and much more.

His e-book “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” is intended to be a resource for people who are not quite sure about the IoT. There are many different objects that are associated with the IoT that are not considered. Home assistants, self-driving vehicles, and even movie kiosks are all examples of objects that are connected to the IoT network. Hope explains how to interact with these objects and the role they continue to play in society. His book also goes into some of the business aspects of such devices and why they are so important to the future.

The IoT will be so important in the future because it is set to grow at an alarming rate. The items that are used on this network have done a lot to make modern day life easier. It is only natural that manufacturers will want to create more products that can utilize this system. In fact, the total value of the IoT is set to increase to over 7.1 trillion dollars by the year 2020. That is a massive increase that could result in almost 30 million products. According to Hope, this is the future of technology and consumers should become comfortable with it.

Hope can speak on such technologies because he has proved himself to be a master in his field. In addition to his ability to accurately predict the future of the market, he has an extensive portfolio of very successful tech companies. He is well-educated, and he uses that knowledge to inform his keen intuition about what consumers want. His e-book is just another accurate prediction on the market, consumers need more information on the IoT.

Jason Hope Info: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope

How Stream Energy enable People to Save Energy

Stream Energy is a reliable firm that has specialized in offering protective, wireless, energy, and various home services. The company was established in 2004 to serve as an electricity and natural gas retailer for the people of the United States. Its principal offices are located in the Dallas-based Tollway Center buildings. Steam Energy currently retails products by using a multi-level marking plan. The business initially recruited salespeople through Ignite, which was its multi-level marketing branch. In 2014, the two firms merged to form the Stream brand. The company has currently focused on selling its products in the United States. It also distributes energy in most deregulated energy markets.

maxresdefault (1)

Once in a while, people are sent energy bills that are way higher than what they had expected. These extreme costs make one wonder how they can be managed. Stream Energy has the best answers on how people can eliminate the hidden energy costs that are brought by various household gadgets. Many people have never realized that devices that are plugged into electricity socket consume energy even if they are not being used actively. The total amount of power that is wasted by the energy vampires can accumulate to a significant amount over time.


One can save about one dollar annually by just unplugging a coffee maker from the electricity socket. This trick can also apply to other devices that include a computer screen, game console, and printer. Turning off the power of a DVR can enable a person to save up to $36.80 per annum (http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006123/en/Stream-Launches-Smart-30-Thermostat-Plan). A home entertainment system can consume energy that is worth $130 in one year if it is inactive but plugged into the power socket. This is a significant amount of money that one can spend on something important.


People need to be well informed for them to avoid paying unnecessary power costs (Facebook). Energy can be saved by shutting down all electronics and gadgets that are not in use. It is essential to monitor the power that is consumed per day or per week to notice any differences. Smart Meter Texas allows residents of Lone Star State to receive weekly energy bills in their inboxes.


The unprecedented input that Jason Hope has made to the success of technological invention

How the entrepreneur views the world

Jason Hope is one of the famous billionaires in the world today. He has a perspective on the world that most wealthy people have not realized. According to Hope, the world needs innovations that would solve the major problems which it faces. There are several problems whose solutions can directly improve the state of the world. Different innovations have come and died without having an impact on the society. Such technological inventions do not have a place in the society. Currently, many people only focus on their gains after making an invention. Several others make their inventions to become rich, and this should not be the case. Jason Hope has a specific interest in developing inventions that fill the world today.

How Jason Hope qualifies an important invention

An invention must have a direct impact on the society. Supporting technology does not only mean that inventor has to benefit, but the larger picture of the society should be considered. Regardless of level of technology, Jason Hope looks at the impact of the invention on the community. The connection between the invention and state of life is an important factor. Without this connection, there is no need to support the intention since it does not pass the test of importance.

The uniqueness of Jason Hope from the other billionaires

Most wealthy men focus on direct philanthropy where people who have needs receive financial help. There are several charity works in which the wealthy men have interest. According to Jason Hope, these works of charity solve short term problem. The root problem is not considered, and after a short while, the problem would resurface. On his side of charity, Jason focuses on the solutions that would last for long to learn more about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity click here.

Jason’s contribution to the SENS Foundation

The SENS Foundation is one of the organizations that focus on scientific research of how to evade aging. The foundation has developed some pills which would slow down the process. Jason Hope contributed half a million dollars to this foundation since it has a solution that would benefit the society. Reducing the aging process increases the work energy level hence productivity of the world.