Dr.Sergio Cortes Begins to Evaluate The Flooded Area

State Sec.of Health Sergio Cortes was recently contacted by Extra.Global while he was on his way to meet his evaluation team as they are scheduled to tour the in Xerém, Duque de Caxias in the areas in that region that were more severely than by the recent flooding and landslides caused by unseasonably powerful torrential downpours of rain. The state government has recently constructed seven Dengue Hydration centers that have also been used as emergency shelters for residents taking refuge from the landslides and flooding. Each of the emergency shelters have 12 chairs that are to serve as hydration stations. Atanews reported Health Sec. Cortes has also called for classes to begin teaching workers in the emergency shelters so they will have the ability to be able to detect early symptoms of diseases. Through early detection and isolation of the patients the transmission of the virus can be overridden as long as no mosquito can bite an infected person because people infected with the Zika virus are not contagious.Dr.
Sergio has explained on niteroi.gov that local residents will be assisted in disinfecting their home water tanks and the State Department passed out 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite so that the residents can go disinfect their systems. The Brazilian Government has sent out 200,000 troops throughout the country to help with the flooding victims in to help with the massive project of decontaminating the floodwaters. The goal here is to prevent the mosquitoes that have been blamed for transmitting the Zika virus and dengue throughout the area from being able to breed by aggressively attacking every grounds which is really water. 3000 antibacterial tablets of have been passed out as a measure to combat leptospirosis. Dr. Cortes explains the there is a lot of contaminated water in the area and that the fact that there is so much garbage accumulated due to the breakdown of the sanitation systems for the city.

By confronting the Aedes aegypti mosquito, Health Sec. Sergio Cortes is really attacking the heart of the problem. Hard to believe that such a small inset is actually a deadly killer. It transmits Zika virus which alone is responsible almost 4000 children being born in Brazil with birth defects since late 2014. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is also the transmitter of dengue fever, yellow fever, hepatitis A and diarrhea.


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