New Technology For Gift Registry From Slyce

New Way To Set Up Gift Registries

Have you ever tried to set up a gift registry before? Most major retailers have computers and digital scanners that allow you to set up your own gift registry, so that people who are going to your wedding can buy you gifts. I was going to try this myself sometime soon with my wife, but then, I read an article from the Huffington Post about these types of new technologies. This article talks about the trouble that one couple had with the current gift registry systems. It also suggests another approach to starting a gift registry.

The couple in the Huffington Post article encountered some major snares along the way when they were setting up their gift registry. They found that the computer systems were outdated, and the scanner guns that the retailers had for registering gifts often didn’t work right. Then, when they actually set up a registry with a few stores they found out that the registry wasn’t working properly. They had already spent so much time setting up their registries, and they sent the information off to their guests already. This hassling experience can be avoided if we use some of the more innovative technologies that we have available to us currently.

Slyce’s image recognition can be used to take pictures of products in any environment, so you could possibly use this new technology to register gifts. It would be more accurate in terms of registering the right products since Slyce’s system runs off of an AI program. The system is currently checked and regulated by a team of customer care workers who work with the AI to make sure that it is continually suggesting the correct things for consumers.

This technology could be used by people to set up wonderful registries for their weddings. Slyce has partnered with major retailers already. They work with Neiman Marcus, Home Depot and several other major retailers to help sell their products. It works out for everyone involved. Consumers can download Slyce for free. The application makes life easier for the consumer because they don’t have to think of obtuse search keywords in order to find their products. Instead, the consumer can use Slyce to take a simple picture of anything in their environment that they want to purchase.