Doe Deere Stands Behind Unicorn Colors

The exhilarating Lime Crime brand is an exhurberant line of cosmetics that reaches out to your natural beauty. The Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere has always had a way with exhilarating colors. Business involves taking risks says, Deere. She was one of the first to experiment with the matte formula base to make a success out of her brand. She was willing to risk the business decision of using super-foil against the advice of her peers and other cosmetic designers. Her idea for cosmetics has been able to blend an organic formula that provides a unique super-smooth application. LC cosmetics lasts their clients up to 12 hours.

Her certification in cosmetics gave her a foundation to brand her cosmetics. She received her education from a top design school in New York City. Today, she has used her skills to create other brands under the Lime Crime name. She has been able to create a Unicorn hair dye collection that offers many hypoallergenic colors that are safe for all hair types. That’s right; enjoy a 700ml jar that will give you one complete tint or two semi-permanent highlights. Choose from many unique colors to match your cosplay personality. She’s also been able to make a success of her violet-blue lipstick branded under the Scandal name.

There was a wave of black market matte products being sold in China. The LC brand took action by creating an e-commerce market that has been able to allow authentic products to be sold. Their new international market has allowed thousands of products to be sold to a new market. The success of their overseas deal has allowed them to seek other international mergers. You’re invited to enjoy their popular smudge-proof eyeliner from their overseas market. Plus, Doe Deere has made a success of her cosmetics by being an exclusively sold brand.

The Lime Crime brand is a list of eye-shadow and lipstick products that’s formulated without texture or tone ingredients. Their cosmetics promote your natural beauty with unheard of colors. Many makeup artists, entertainers, and models have caught on to the Lime Crime brand for their amazing long lasting coverage.

The Rise and Success of Doe Deere’s Lime Crime

Doe Deere started her Lime Crime business small. She has striven to achieve success on her terms. The success of Doe Deere has seen her become a big supporter of women in the business and entrepreneurship fields. She frequently speaks to women on the subject of coming out and finding their voice. She has been a public speaker at several public events. One thing is true about Doe Deere; she loves the aspect of mentoring and inspiring others to achieve success. She mostly advises women through her Instagram page.


During a recent interview, Doe Deere talked about her idea to start Lime Crime. She stated that Lime Crime started back in the year 2004 when she registered on eBay under the name Lime Crime. From that time, it became her personal online fashion name. The name comes from the fact that she has always modeled everything for herself. She comes up with colorful makeup that has become her identity. The idea of the makeup brand came about due to necessity and inspiration. She found that unusual colors were difficult to come across. She thus decided to start her program that would sell these colors.


Doe attributes her success to the inspiration of friends that have always stood with her. Though she stands as an independent woman on social media platforms, she relies on the motivation and inspiration from friends. Doe Deere hopes that she is also a model for people that want to follow their dreams and achieve success. She wants to help other women that want to become entrepreneurs. Lime Crime products are available for purchase at the Lime Crime website or any online stores.


Doe Deere used her creativity and intelligence to come up with the line of makeup. She created something that had never been in the industry before. Doe Deere has grown to offer new products on a frequent basis. Her products have the basis of being vegan-friendly. It means that it doesn’t associate with a form violence to animals during processing. Doe Deere has grown her business brand to acquire a loyal customer following. She stands out as a makeup icon in the industry. She believes that bright colors bring out a beautiful look on the outside. The result is that it creates a positive attitude on the inside.


The Lime Crime owner has many plans for her company. She has built a huge customer base that is loyal to her product. She frequently refers to her customers as unicorns. Doe Deere often feels that she has cheated on her career path. She loves what she does and enjoys every bit. Doe Deere hopes to grow her business to reach wider markets. She wants to continue inspiring others that have similar aspirations.

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