6 school hacks that everyone should know by YouTube guru Wengie

Getting prepared for school may seem like a daunting task, but YouTube guru Wengie has some school hacks That’ll have you ready to go all year.


1) Struggling to keep up with your to do list may leave you feeling frazzled, but YouTube guru Wengie suggests creating a post-it note board to help keep track these tasks. The best part about the sticky note board is that your to do list is easily changeable. Just move the notes around to make a schedule that works for you,


2) Writing with blue ink is better for note taking than black ink. It helps make the information stand out better and is easier to read when it comes time to study for exams.


3) Do you ever struggle to find the right folder for class? Boy haven’t we all. Wengie suggests color coding your notebooks by coloring the corners, so that it’s easier to find the subject you’re looking for.


4) Are you tired of file folders and random papers scattered across your desk? Well, Wengie has a solution to your problem. She suggests using a counter top, drying rack for organizing and storing your folders.


5) What should you do with those smelly sneakers after gym class? Wengie suggests putting 2 tea bags in your shes before putting them in your locker or bag. This helps eliminate odor.


6) Have you ever found yourself searching for your deodorant after gym class, only to realize that you left it at home? Well, if you have hand sanitizer in your bag, you can use this to kill the bacteria that causes odor. You’ll not only have clean underarms, but they’ll no longer stink.


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