David Schmidt’s LifeWave is an ideal example of the growing interest and development of regenerative-bionic technology.

Biological components are infused into our body to replace or enhance parts that are defective or damaged.

After two decades of experimenting with biomaterials, David has created an amazing product that is changing the way we view the human body and how it can be improved upon.

The LifeWave device is the beginning of a new era in science. During an interview, he explained the intricacies of the new technology and its applications.

He provides information on some of the amazing devices that are being developed, which are just beginning to hit the market.

David’s LifeWave LLC business is one of the industry’s innovators.

LifeWave has developed an innovative contact-free biophysics-based system for reducing the sound created during hip fracture treatment.

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The other business David had during this period was a manufacturer of capillary medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions, particularly relating to diabetes.

That experience led to the concept of using a biophysics-based method to enhance oxygen delivery to the fractured bone.

When he heard that George Evans was planning to develop a similar biophysics-based approach, David recognized an opportunity to commercialize his innovation.

LifeWave is a combination of wearable personal locating and stimulus-based technology which provides real-time intelligence on individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, or other related issues.

This sensory feedback enables users to navigate and perform specific tasks by monitoring and responding to their physical and emotional cues.

LifeWave Technology is an innovative digital wellness product designed to increase personal well-being and alleviate stress.

The life sensing technology is discreet, it’s light, and it fits anywhere on the body.

It continuously monitors your vitals and provides an alarm when a major stress event is detected.

You can configure the stress alert to include vibration or an alarm to be made loud enough for your friends and family to hear.

Users simply take a glance at their LifeWave fitness tracker and, depending on the stress level, LifeWave’s intelligent alarm system either gets your attention or can signal your people who have the app on their phones.