Lessons Lived Lessons Learned

You probably should not summit the tallest peaks in the world without much training, but Bo Parfet had something else in mind. His book Die Trying is all about his journey from investment banker, to an athlete who climbs mountains. It is full of details of how he got to where he is, and what you can learn, do, think, feel and breathe to get what you want out of life.

Get Going Go Now

It is beyond easy to just read about this subject and find subtle inspiration, but that would be doing this book a huge disservice. Instead, a better way to use this book is to live your own version of it. Use it like the theme music to your dreams and climb your own mountains.

There Is Nowhere To Go but Forward

Overcoming our inertia, be it in thought or via inaction is the most important of all lessons that can be gleaned from Bo Parfet’s book. In Die Trying, he gives us the clues and directives for trying something grand. He doesn’t just paint a beautiful picture of the finish land or the endgame, he does us one much better and tells us about the nitty gritty process involved. So often we have these dreams, we have these thoughts of another’s life, but all we are desirous of is their outcome. We don’t want their process, we don’t want any of the hardship, uncertainty or unsure moment, yet it is in the process that we create the person who achieves the outcome.