The world of advertising hasn’t changed since the advent of video in media. The enjoyment of watching a video gets put on pause while advertisers attempt to get people’s attention. People all over the world have become accustomed to zoning out during ads. Enter droppTV, Gurp Rai’s brainchild which will make shopatainment the new wave of advertising. Shopatainment allows consumers to purchase products seen in videos, specifically music videos, by tapping on any item for sale in the video. droppTV brings together consumers, advertisers, and creators seamlessly to create a streamlined marketplace which benefits all concerned. No longer will consumers mindlessly ignore ad popups, they can now easily purchase any item the content creator is using or wearing as they watch.

Partnering with Agenda Show is allowing droppTV to expand its marketplace to include Agenda’s conferences and festivals. This gives new life to Agenda’s brands by adding new virtual and multimedia experiences to the live events, while also opening the door for purchasing brands that are not at live events. Agenda’s brands also get the opportunity for collaboration with musical performers and media influencers because of droppTV’s virtual platform, bringing in a new generation of consumers from all over the world.

These consumers have no desire for the high pressure sales of yesterday. They want an authentic, real experience even when they shop. Shopatainment provides what they want with personal interaction in the shopping experience. Knowing that your favorite performer wears the jacket you were able to buy simply by tapping on your screen while watching their video introduces a human element so often lacking in advertising.

droppTV and Agenda are the pioneers, ushering in a new era of advertising. One that gets to the personal level of the consumer and provides what they want to buy instead of what the advertiser wants to sell.