Joseph Ashford is an entrepreneur who lives in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. The founder of the investment firm K4 Global, he helps companies with their marketing and public relations efforts. He has worked in a wide variety of industries in Europe, South America and Asia. Earlier this year, he offered some tips to help other people trying to start a business.

He said the first thing to think about is how you add value to your business. You can generate revenue for your company by really thinking about what you’re best at. When founding his business in Bournemouth, he thought hard about how his skills and expertise could best help it grow. It’s important to surround yourself with the right people. You don’t want to hire people just because they’re technically qualified. While that is important, it’s just as important to find people that believe in your vision. You don’t want to hire people that are only taking the job because they ‘have to’ and more

Joseph Ashford said to not be afraid to ask for help. When building up K4 Global, it took the help of many people to make it successful. He encourages other entrepreneurs to seek out help when they need it. Whatever the challenges are, they’re easier to manage when you have other people helping you. He also said to focus on the little joys of life to get through tough times. Joseph Ashford says he likes exercising and eating a healthy diet. This helps them cope with stress and doubts. Making others happy also increases his own happiness in life.

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