The current pandemic has forced many industries to develop new and innovative ways of doing business in the contemporary world. It has also set them on a path of discovery in their respective sectors. Each industry has had to develop new and improved ways of getting their products out into the market or achieving their end goals (Nbcchicago).


One such industry that has had to make the shift is the healthcare industry which has had to come up with innovative ways to deal with the pandemic while also safeguarding the lives of their medical personnel.


A Lasting Solution 


Eric Lefkofsky and his team at Tempus, to offer a lasting solution to this dilemma, created the Covid- 19 home test. Tempus is known for its excellent work in the healthcare sector, of analyzing loads of generic data to develop therapeutics for several conditions such as Cancer and several depressive disorders. Like many of the ones before, Eric Lefkofsky points out, its newest venture seeks to make an impact in its clients’ lives while also revolutionizing the medical scene. 


The home test collection allows medical practitioners to order the tests for their patients and then deliver them to their respective homes. Afterward, the patients following the indicated instructions on the package can easily take their samples and later deliver them to the accredited and certified CLIA lab. The patients, Eric Lefkofsky keeps on, will afterward receive their results approximately 24 to 48 hours after taking the test. The team at Tempus developed this new feature to ease the process for Covid 19 testing and, therefore, encourage more and more to take it up to be safe.

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