As the world grappled with the after-effects of Coronavirus, it changed the role of a CFO in a company. Return to work plans weres soiled, and managing hybrid workforces working from home seemed like a scary reality for companies. Many leaders wrestled with global issues such as inflation, economic and social problems.

However, CFOs such as Gary McGaghey were experienced CFOs, having worked for FMCG and Nelsons. Experiences CFOs like Gary has now evolved into an influencer and a person who solves problems for a business. As their roles diversify in time, their corporate connections and plan of action can create a better, faster way of doing business.

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Redefining the role of CFO in future

At the beginning of 2021, companies were hit with reality. The business market and old work models were shifted, demanding more of the CFO’s attention. Many finance leaders learned that people wanted more purpose in their service, and therefore they collaborated with the CHROs.

The move was to convince the workforce that they mattered to curb productivity loss. In the wake of the excellent resignation problem, CFOs pointed out factors such as trust, purpose, and drivers of culture while keeping a close eye on the company’s growth. According to a survey done by US Pulse Survey, in the post covid wor environment, CFOs are growth-oriented and optimistic people.

The new hybrid models keep showing up, and collaborations between CHRO and CFO are vital to embedding the workforce to sound business output. To grow companies, CFOs will need to study workplaces again, understand employees’ wants, and create a good experience that differentiates one company from another.

CFOs can shift their focus on the real issues in the workplace to help prepare the workers for the future and its vision. Finance leaders can use the list and demands of workers provided by CFOs to understand what helps bring success to the finance sector and the success of an individual company.

About Gary McGaughey

Gary is a global Pharma and media industry experienced CFO. He has a positive track record of bringing value to shareholders through excellent leadership skills and expertise in financial and business sheet restructuring and growth. Gary has led the companies he worked for into exponential growth across the US, Europe, and Asia.

He has a specialty in leading disposals, integrations, and carveouts. Currently, Gary McGaghey serves as a Global Finance CFO in Geneva with Unilever.