Heath Ritenour is the Executive Chairman and CEO of a leading insurance company in the US. Founded in 1988, the Insurance Office of America (IOA) is among the fastest-growing insurance companies, thanks to its quality of services. Heath Ritenour has seen the company rise to the top 15 largest companies in America. Heath joined IOA as an agent but has worked hard to be the CEO, and later in 2019, he became the chairman of the company. He has introduced a few changes in how insurance companies operate to make it simple for the customers.

Most insurance companies require one to fill lengthy questionnaires, which are cumbersome to most of the customers. What is more, so much information gets asked, some of which is not even necessary? Also, the verification process takes a lot of time, and so does time before a customer can receive their cover. All this makes the application process seem complicated.

Heath Ritenour has put insights into how things can change, starting with simplifying the application process. In his company, they have come up with the software SimplyIOA, making the application process user-friendly. The first one can access the software from anywhere they are without having to go to the offices. Also, the software can source information about a client once they have filled in their name and birth date. The software automatically fills in the other information hence making the process much more straightforward and fast.

Heath Ritenour has also introduced digital communication, which enables customers to talk with agents any time of the day and have their questions answered immediately. Usually, clients have to wait for long to have their questions answered in the old system, but now more agents have been employed to handle the demand. Customers can have their questions answered with the introduction of live chats, phone calls, and zoom meetings. Also, the company can keep in touch with its clients.

Heath Ritenour is putting up strategies to work with other insurance companies that deal with a particular business sector such as health, agriculture, and beauty, among others. For instance, he worked with Zenith, which ensures restaurant owners and they came up with Zenia Insures

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