When Hawkers Co. started, it was an idea in the mind of its founders, and later they brought it to Alejandro Betancourt. He decided that with all of his financial experience and the power of the internet, he could do something to help make their dreams happen.

Betancourt has always tried to do what is right. He has traveled to schools to mentor and inspires the younger generation for most of his life. Betancourt was committed to creating the next generation of entrepreneurs. He knows that entrepreneurs are best positioned to make positive changes in the world and support the environment.

One of the reasons Alejandro Betancourt believes in Hawkers Co. is because he is committed. He ensured the company succeeded. It means bringing in a partner who is working to support the company’s core competencies. Fashion is all about individual expression, and Betancourt embraces that. In a recent speech, Betancourt said: It’s not about the prestige that you are receiving, but how you want to wear it. And that is something that both new and seasoned entrepreneurs can take to heart. We are told that our outward appearance is important, but no one is forcing us to wear it and more

The Spanish-based firm wanted to sell their product to make the company sustainable. They found the funding they needed to change from a manufacturing operation to a distribution operation. They found the best place to help. Alejandro Betancourt’s partner saw they are potential early and took that vision to the executive team.

When Hawkers first needed help, they found the right partner in Alejandro Betancourt, who gave them the freedom to start the business they wanted to see. He invested his money and offered advice when they needed it. He was patient in the early years of this company but also able to help move things along when he saw opportunities to be helpful. Alejandro Betancourt knew how to take a business and grow it in ways beneficial to its stakeholders, not necessarily in ways that would make him a lot of money.