Bhanu Choudhrie is a private equity investor with numerous companies under his ownership. His success links to multiple businesses he has launched and others he supports with ideas. The international market recognizes his efforts as a devoted and successful entrepreneur who has invested in various industries. C&C Alpha Aviation Group in London is among his successful companies and the pride of his career. Founding the institution and growing it to its present state defines Bhanu as an experienced business leader.

C&C Alpha Aviation Group has professional ties with several industries, including hospitality, Aviation, and real estate. The entrepreneur has invested in various countries, but India, London, and China are his backyards. As the executive director of Alpha group, he has brought significant transformation and growth, making the company rank among the international leaders. He boasts of global business networks that he uses to market his brand.

Bhanu’s Early life

Bhanu Choudhrie grew up in Delhi, where he acquired his low-level education. His transition from childhood to adulthood is full of experiences and breakthroughs. Studying marketing and international business stamped the preexisting talent and passion that he got from his parents. His father is a London-based entrepreneur who inspired him to pursue a career in the business industry. His father became an international investor working in the aviation, media, and hospitality industries, and his character reflect the same.

After graduating from the university, Bhanu Choudhrie proceeded to JP Morgan for his internship. He later created C&C Alpha Aviation Group, becoming the executive director to date. His input and dedication have seen the company reach its apex, through which he has made magnificent wealth.

Bhanu Choudhrie went to Harvard University to advance his management skills, graduating in 2016. Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp engaged him in 2018, becoming the director. His experience, education, and commitment have seen the organization rise in productivity since he took office. He is among the most prosperous executive leaders and business owners internationally.