Several people in America are undergoing grief, and a social gap is being created among citizens because of the inequality in resource sharing and wealth allocation. There is social division and emerging groups. The rich have the lion’s share of the resource, and the poor struggle to make both ends meet. These instances made James Gutierrez look for a way to end the disparities and ensure equality in resource allocation.

James Gutierrez suggests responsible companies can move households to more stable situations while lobbying for governmental regulations that support these changes. Higher default rates are being experienced due to people getting a loan without a clean credit history. Aura and Oportun companies which are CDFI certified, provide consumers with a credit score, securing them with financial opportunities. Gutierrez points out the need for funding for companies trying to serve traditionally underrepresented communities.

Underserved communities have been hit by COVID-19 unemployment rates, which has also impacted health. To help these traditionally underserved populations, James Gutierrez is developing a mobile-first platform to provide insurance and banking solutions for them.

Despite the fact that the wealth gap is an all-American problem, minority families are much affected than the average white family. Surprisingly, the minorities are the group that needs to be keenly looked into by the government to ascertain that they live a normal and healthy life.

James Gutierrez’s work with Aura provides low-interest loans to individuals who need financing.His mission is to see Americans access loans without much interest being charged on the loans. This would help ensure the economic levels in America are high.

The existing status quo is supported by a complicated system that houses policies meant to protect existing wealth. He urges all companies to focus on their financial and economic growth and help the marginalized and the poor. The contributions of James towards America’s finance sector are excellent.