Laura Rea Dickey working at the family restaurant brand, showed a good example of a thriving leader. With several years of business experience, Dickey has changed its marketing strategy by combining it with technological innovation. She employs information and artificial intelligence. Laura Rea Dickey is currently the CEO of the world’s largest barbecue chain. She has played an essential role in leading the company through the turbid waters of the coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences. She left a mark on the fast-paced world of daily life.

Although today the Dickey’s Bar Pit barbecue chain has more than 550 offices in 44 states globally, it all started in 1941 with a sole smoker in Dallas, Texas. Travis Dickey, a veteran of the First World War, cooked his beef and ham in this small restaurant. He got time to chat with customers and visit his Wife, Ollie. While Travis was smoking meat slowly, Ollie was sitting at the counter, collecting sandwiches, as well as barbecue beans, potato chips, soda, beer, and bottled milk.

In the past two decades, Travis and Ollie have turned their small restaurants into a favorite product of the locals. When others were founded, after taking over the management of the business, they found that the popularity of the restaurant far exceeded the popularity of a single place. They worked together to expand Dickey’s Bar Pit to other restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan region. However, even if they reached the capacity of the business premises, the demand for the quality inherited from the pecan smoked meat inherited by their father was still growing. They decided not only to restrict production but to start a franchise. Soon, Dickey’s Prohibition Restaurant opened their first out-of-state branch in Denver, Colorado, and many more branches after that.

Laura Rea Dickey is currently the CEO of Dickey’s Bar BBQ Restaurants, Inc. Dickey has served in the brand, helping it grow since 2009. She recently provided services as Chief Information Officer (CIO) and then continued as CEO in 2017. Laura Rea Dickey has worked in the company’s marketing and information technology department for more than 20 years. During his tenure, she has been responsible for marketing, information technology, and education at Dickey’s Bar BBQ Restaurants, Inc.

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