Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger is a respected American entrepreneur and a successful businessman. He’s known for his incredible business management skills and has recorded tremendous success since entering the business world. Matthew Fleeger Dallas studied Finance and Marketing at Southern Methodist University, where he acquired a vast understanding of entrepreneurship and developed a solid leadership prowess.

Besides his ambitious nature, Mr. Fleeger got lots of inspiration from his father, who was already doing well in the oil and gas industry. Some of the things he always liked about his father were hard work and commitment at all times. At that time, his father was in charge of the Gulf Coast Western’s Leadership. Matthew Fleeger Dallas tycoon began his career immediately after graduating from the University. He has always been a self-driven person, with the main aim of one day starting his enterprise.

After working with different employers for some years, Matthew Fleeger founded MedSolutions in 1993. The MedSolutions Company deals in the treatment, management, and disposal of various medical wastes. Due to Mr. Matthew’s solid knowledge of financial and marketing matters, the company grew significantly to rival the industry giants.

Fleeger turned down several invitations from other organizations and investors who wanted to work together with him. The Texas-based businessman served as MedSolutions’ president, CEO, and director for 14 years. Matthew Fleeger Dallas then sold the company for $59 million to Stericycle in 2007. The 14 years of service at his MedSolutions wasn’t a waste because he gained enough leadership and industry experience to take Gulf Coast Western to the next level.

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew probably chose to work at Gulf Coast Western mainly because the company was a family business. Under Matt’s leadership, the company has launched many projects supporting livelihoods through massive donations. These include small community groups and many foundations across the country. Gulf Coast collaborated with the Sadie Keller Foundation in encouraging and comforting children hospitalized in various health facilities. They purchased and collected toys, which they then delivered to the children. Since becoming the president in 2007, Gulf Coast Western has improved significantly and is one of the leading explorers and developers in the oil and gas industry today.