After the official announcement about the coronavirus presence in different corners of the world, the World Health Organization imposed a total lockdown on all the affected regions. This affected many things, especially businesses and sports activities. After an approximate period of about twelve months, runners are feeling desperate following the social distancing.

Michael Capiraso is a professional entrepreneur, and a talented runner who has been doing virtual running during the lockdown to keep himself fit. After running virtually for one year during the entire coronavirus period, Capiraso has acquired expertise and impeccable skills to run safely during this coronavirus period.

According to Capiraso, this is a critical time for runners to keep in touch with family, friends, and fellow runners. The virtual running challenge can help you remain connected with other runners despite the presence of the virus in the atmosphere. However, event planners have come out with exceptional plans to facilitate running regardless of the condition.

In 2020, numerous running competitions were canceled following the fear of the spread of the virus. The Boston Marathon is one of the biggest running events that were canceled last year due to the pandemic. The cancellation of this event affected the runners who had spent several months preparing for the marathon.

After the cancelation of the Boston Marathon, Michael Capiraso so the importance of developing a virtual running program for the runners to stay motivated. Capiraso prepared and facilitated the virtual running program in September. The program was facilitated with a software that allowed the runners to download their photos at the end of the break.

Despite the fact that Capiraso wanted the virtual running program to be used in 2020 when the pandemic was at the pick, it has also extended to 2021. The virtual running program allows running enthusiasts and spectators to partake in the running competition through different online platforms.