Neil Gerrard is one of the renowned lawyers registered by the Law Society of England & Wales based in London. He held the lucrative position of global Co-head at Dechert where he was tasked with distinguished responsibilities on matters outside the U.S. Neil Gerrard’s main attention was on white-collar crime that inhabited the corporate sector. 


He had specific emphasis on prosecutions and investigations executed by regulators in the EU, UK, and US. Before being appointed to the prestigious position at Dechert, he had previously been shortlisted to hold the position of Director of the Serious Fraud Office of Fair Trading. Additionally, Neil Gerrard was a significant member of the Government and Judicial Committee that was credited with developing the Deferred Prosecution Scheme. Neil Gerrard’s expertise in the law industry has resulted in multiple companies.


Particularly audit committees across the globe making him their most preferred lawyer. These are committees that often instructed Neil to undertake whistleblower investigations and/or independent regulation consistently involving numerous regulatory bodies and jurisdictions (Bloomberg). 


Neil Gerrard has also offered his distinguished advice on several of the biggest high-profile investigations conducted by fundamental European regulators. In addition, Neil Gerrard was often contacted by these regulators to conduct investigatory jobs. This, as an independent expert representing these European regulator bodies. Neil Gerrard is a JD degree holder from the prestigious college of Law Chester and also earned a Bachelor’s of Law degree from the renowned Manchester Polytechnic. Neil worked with the famous and distinguished law firm Dechert LLP situated in London where he was tasked with providing legal consultative services.