For years, NumbersUSA pushed highly competitive immigration policies to prevail. NumbersUSA is pushing for cuts in legal and illegal immigration while cutting back on some restrictive measures such as reduced visas for families. According to the organization’s founder, Beck is helping to bring the issue to the fore with the current president, who talks about immigration.

This is because two of his benefactors are famous billionaires Charles and David Kohi. Fortunately, Beck’s organization got its message across with something cheap but simple – the Facebook Share button. Fortunately, this organization has also tripled its sales, and hence their advertising budget is in the millions.

Its direct Facebook audience surpassed, among others, MSNBC, Major League Baseball, the Libre Initiative, and Ivanka Trump. However, most of the donations to this organization come from 1.5 million email subscribers. More than $ 1.2 million was raised in 2017 from the lobby and other sources. Another charity raised another $ 7.5 million.

NumbersUSA, a US-based nonprofit organization, has approximately 1.1 million members of liberals, moderates, and conservatives. Roy Beck, a journalist, and writer founded the organization to serve the American purpose. Founded in 1996, the organization supports several laws aimed at limiting immigration. They advocated numerous changes to the law, including banning the visa lottery and limiting all undocumented immigration.

NumbersUSA also supported the completion of the chain migration and the reform of the firstborn certificates. The NumbersUSA Research and Education Foundation provide civic forums for people regardless of ethnic or political background. The forum is primarily devoted to the problem of immigration affecting the United States. They informed politicians, the public, and opinion leaders about the implications of immigration, laws, and guidelines through their institution.

By helping to reduce the number of immigrants, the goal is to stabilize the rate so that future generations will experience population stabilization. They also strive to achieve greater mobility, individual freedom, worker equity, financial responsibility and environmental quality. Go to this page for more information.


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