Malini Saba Achievements

Some of the people who relocated to the United States have turned out to be successful. Malini Saba is one of these lucky individuals. Before moving to the US, Malini Saba was living in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Her parents were from the Middle Class, and they did their best to educate their daughter. The parents had grown up in Australia. When she was nineteen years, Malini Saba chose to look for greener pastures, and she moved to the US.


When Malini Saba was relocating, she had only two hundred dollars as savings. Her former husband accompanied her to the new country. They rented a small apartment that was next to the Stanford University. The apartment was very cheap, and its location was perfect because the couple was attending the Stanford University. She got the opportunity to participate in classes at the university for free because her husband was already a student.


While at the Stanford University, Malini Saba started attending classes about the investment and financial departments in business. She gained a lot of knowledge and later looked for the experienced individuals in the corporate world to give her advice. Because she had started to make small saving after settling in America, Malini Saba managed to start several investments and the information she had acquired helped a lot.


Today, it is evident that Malini Saba made the best investment decisions for her businesses. Her ideas were unique, and this is one of the reasons she has done so well. She has always been committed to learning and understanding the finance industry, and this has enabled her to avoid some of the common mistakes made by most investors. She currently owns a business, known as Saban, and it has been doing well too. Saban has several assets in different parts of the globe such as technology companies in the United States, real estate ventures in India and Australia and gas properties in China. She serves as the chairman of Saban, and she performs all her responsibilities well.


Apart from being a successful businesswoman, Malini Saba is very active in Philanthropic activities. She is the founder of a charitable organization known as Stree: Global Investments in Women and it focuses on helping women and children from low-income families to build successful lives. She is also respected for making huge donations to several noble causes around the globe. Malini’s primary goal is to ensure that women become successful in their businesses in the society.




Naomi Campbell Is The Best Role Model In Fashion

Naomi Campbell is the best role model in fashion simply because she has been in the industry for so long. She is very familiar with that it takes to make it in the industry, but she is also figuring out how to help people want to get into the industry today. These people want to be sure that they can have the same kinds of chances she did, but they cannot get those chances unless they work with Naomi Campbell.

She is still a fashion icon who is doing photo shoots, and she is trying to make sure that she can give people the kinds of advice that will get them closer to having a career in the industry. She wants the young black kids who love fashion to have a way to get in, and she wants to show them that they can do this just like she did. She broke through at a time when she was the only black supermodel along with Tyra Banks, and she wants to honor the industry by bringing in more people like herself. That alone makes it much more interesting for the industry, and she is trying to show people that there are many kinds of beautiful.

Someone who idolizes Naomi Campbell should look at her like she is the best role model in the business. She has shown people how to have poise, and she has shown that she wants to help people who need help. She does not want to leave people out of the industry, and she does not want to allow anyone to slip through the cracks. There is a lot of talent, and there is a lot of beauty that people would miss out on if Naomi Campbell were not the person she is helping in the fashion world.

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The IT Staffing Expertise of Diversant LLC.

John Goullet is an IT specialist who’s primary expertise is in IT consultancy and staffing. He founded the Info Technologies in 1994 after discovering the high potential that was in the IT staffing sector. The main clients that his business served were the Fortune 500 companies. Info Technologies penetrated the market since it understood the needs of the corporate world and worked towards fulfilling them. John Goullet was the chief executive officer of the company. The firm was ranked among the Inc. Magazine’s top 500 fastest developing businesses in the United States. Its services were valued by its clients and by 2010 its value was $30 million. It was incorporated into the Diversant Inc. in the same year.

Diversant LLC is a top provider of IT staffing services. Africans-Americans own most of the shares of the enterprise, and therefore, the Unites States government has registered it as Minority Owned Business Enterprise. The company offers a broad range of IT staffing solutions, and they include direct contracting, various innovative services, and reinforcement of IT staff. The services of Diversant LLC are based on an outstanding set of policies, which are meant to ensure that the demands of the clients, affiliates, and the community are fulfilled. The firm has managed to maintain long and healthy relationships with the customers since it associates with them in a consultative way that makes them feel like actual business affiliates.

The information and technology sector across the world is developing at a fast rate, and therefore, there is a high demand for professionals to serve the industry. Diversant’s services are crucial to its clients in acquiring the right IT experts that have the skills that are needed in solving various problems. The specialists that the company offers are knowledgeable and they can assist businesses in creating programs that can address their specific IT problems. Diversant achieves this by utilizing rigorous procedures in sourcing and hiring the employees. It does consider not only the academic achievements of the experts but also their experience and talent. They can work in different environments and solve various needs the customers.

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Breast Cancer Epidemic And Fashion Support

Breast cancer is a serious epidemic that affects tons of women. However, it does not affect the women, it also affects the family surrounding the women. For one thing, people that care about the person often have to deal with the anxiety that comes with knowing that the person has cancer. Therefore, they must also deal with different worries as to what may happen with the person. Fortunately, there are efforts being made in order to come up with a much better treatment for breast cancer. A lot of research is being done by experts. Also, funding is being supplied by different entities.

Among the entities that are providing support for the cause of breast cancer is Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics. This is such an amazing moment for people who are affected by breast cancer. For one thing, Kate Hudson is a celebrity who is very passionate about the health of women among people in general. Another thing is that a fashion retailer, This article’s also involved in the cause. As a result, more women will be made aware of the condition that they are trying to cure.

Fabletics as a fashion retailer is also a company that focus its efforts towards health and wellness. Therefore, it is only fitting that the company would at least pay some kind of consideration to the breast cancer epidemic. The researchers and health experts need as much help as they can get in order to come up with a more effective treatment for breast cancer. As Kate Hudson and Fabletics helps to provide the support needed, chances of finding a more effective treatment for breast cancer will improve. For one thing, they may also find some preventative measures when it comes to breast cancer. It is a lot better to be able to avoid the condition as opposed to having to treat it.

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AIG Refuses To Cover Former AHEB Owners, Over Employment Practices.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is a journalist by Profession. He has worked for the Washington Star, and later on for Observing Publishing. In 1977, he co-founded United Communications Group (UCG) with a partner Mr. Ed Peskowitz. Bruce was also a member of the board of Director at TechTarget Inc, where he has served since February 2015. He has worked at the “I Have A Dream Foundation,” where he served as President. Bruce currently serves as a Managing partner of the Atlanta Hawks. He attended Washington University and attained his Arts Degree. He later enrolled at the American university, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism Degree.

Bruce Levenson is also an active Philanthropist and has spearheaded a number of charitable and Non-Profit organizations, for example, Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, and the DO Good Challenge Program, which he established at Maryland University to be held annually. His recent achievements include Co-founding a private company responsible for a new invention in cooking Technology. See,

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC are the former owners of the NBA Franchise. A lawsuit which does not include the new owners of the NBA was filed on 13th September in Fulton County Supreme Court. The lawsuit was against New Hampshire Insurance Company for a breach of Contract, where the company refused to compensate AHBE for losses incurred, triggered by Mr. Ferry’s Actions. AHBE claims it had taken insurance coverage policy over losses that would be incurred in relation to employment practices.

An undisclosed amount buyout of Mr. Ferry’s Hawks ownership got to an agreement on June 2015 to end the six-year $18 million Contract that began in 2012. The Insurance Company has refused to neither acknowledge nor participate in the claims against it. The lawsuit also includes a claim of an additional penalty to cover attorney’s cost.

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Waiakea Water, the Sustainable Bottled Alternaive

An increasing number of consumers are turning away from bottled water due to the environmental waste from plastic bottles and the impurities contained in many commercial brands. However, Waiakea Water is the exception on many fronts.

According to NoobPrenuer, Waiakea Water comes from a single pristine source from the snow melt and rain from Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.. This consistent source of water is high in electrolytes, containing magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, and enough silica to leave a soft and silky feel to drinking the water. The amount of silica is more than the 10mg needed to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 11 percent.

The pH levels in Waiakea Water are exceptionally alkaline, ranging between 7.8 and 8.8. The high levels are conducive for good health because viruses and bacteria thrive in acidic environments. This is in contrast to distilled or purified water with pH levels around 7.0. Additionally, the body is tricked into believing more alkaline minerals are being absorbed with Waiakea Water than with the artificially created minerals in ionized water.

Unlike many commercially available brands, Waiakea Water comes from a sustainable aquifer with a 1.4 billion gallon rechargeable rate. The packaging facility is powered with 33 percent renewable energy and bottled with high grade 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate which uses 85 percent less energy than standard bottles containing hormone-disrupting Bisphenol A.

Waiakea also operates on a social conscience and partnered with Pump Aid, a charity dedicated to providing clean water supplies to disadvantaged communities in rural Africa.

According to Aqua Grade, Superior water, packaging, and socail awareness are some of the reasons why Waiakea Water has experienced a 5000 percent growth since its inception in 2012. Currently Waiakea Water is selling more than 120,000 cases annually, available in more than 2000 stores in 30 states while growing exponentially in demand.

Waiakea Founder Ryan Emmons attributes the company’s success to doing things differently, being the first premium bottled water to be certified CarbonNeutral®. “In focusing on health, sustainability, and ethics, we’ve built a brand that makes individuals feel good on multiple levels.”

WEN Cleansing Conditioners Offer Salon Results At Home

WEN Cleansing Conditioners has been around for many years now, helping women from all over obtain beautiful and manageable hair. WEN was created by Chaz Dean and his team, a noted hairstylist that has been in the industry a long time working with celebrities. There is a good review of the product up on Bustle Magazine that was published by one of the writers who happens to be a hair stylist herself. She saw on YouTube all the hype and buzz on Facebook around the product for a long time, but due to her skepticism, she never tried it out.

The writer, Emily McClure, picked up the WEN product and tried it out for a weeks period to see how it would work on her very thin hair. She was immediately worried after seeing the thick texture of the product, but went on with the process regardless. She decided to use a smaller than recommended dosage in her hair at first because of this nervousness. This was for not, or maybe it was a good thing, because the product managed to work well and start showing results in less than half a week, to Emily’s surprise.

Chaz designed his product to be able to provide a very deep clean using all natural ingredients without the use of sulfates or other chemicals for cleaning that end up causing damage over time. This took a great deal of effort on his part, but for him it was worth it because he has been able to help so many women love their hair again. Women no longer need to break the bank in order to go to the salon and get good products or good results, they can do so at the comfort of home with WEN cleansing conditioners, which only cost around $40 dollars.

The 5-in-1 formula used in the product allows it to be used in place of deep conditioners, detanglers, leave-in conditioners, regular conditioners, and shampoos, which helps free up some space in a women’s hair care collection.

Stock-Based Loans and Margin-Based Loans Are Great Alternative Financing Solutions

Though many people will tell you that stock-based loans and margin-based are more or less the same because they both engage in the practice of using securities for collateral, there are some major differences between the two they are overlooking that you should know about.


Stock-based loans and margin-based loans


For instance, borrowers of are not required to be pre-qualified to receive a stock-based loan, whereas borrowers cannot receive a margin- based loan if they do not qualify beforehand and provide an acceptable reason for needing the loan. Obstacles borrowers would face when trying to receive a loan from a bank. A stock-based loan can be used for any purpose the borrower chooses without any restriction.


Borrowers also have no obligation or ties to lenders with stock-based loans by way of a non recourse feature that can be found in most stock-based loans. Borrowers are allowed to keep the initial loan proceeds even if they decide to just up and cut ties with the lender of the stock-based loan because the value of the stock decreased. Something that really draws the attention of investors and borrowers who are looking for as little risk possible when choosing an alternative financing solution. Market fluctuation is bound to happen so the key is being prepared when it does.


One thing that is synonymous for both stock-based loans and margin-based loans is how they’ve both benefited from the financial crisis in 2008. Peoples loss of faith in banks have led to the seeking out alternative shareholder financing solutions like the two aforementioned. Banks also seem to have loss a bit of faith in people. Since the economic collapse banks have made it even tougher for individuals to qualify for credit-based loans. Their lending criteria has tighten substantially.


Companies like Equities First Holding has also taken advantage of the new age economic climate. Equities lending has never been so accepted by individuals, as an alternative to credit-based loans.


 Equities First has become a prominent alternative financing solution since its founding in 2002, becoming a world renowned company. Equities First has 650 successful transactions under its belt worth more than $1 billion today.

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U.S. Money Reserve Offers Brexit Gold Coin

This gold coin and the assimilation of gold coins is being touted as a hedge against another possible economic collapse when printed money will have zero value, but gold will always retain a certain value. Pundits, financial analysts, and experts, even George Soros are all warning about another economic collapse similar to or worse that what happened in 2007-2008. Soros recently sold out of many stock positions and decided to invest in gold but in Soros’ case he didn’t just buy gold coins, he bought a gold mine.

The Brexit gold coin has done well selling out its first production run in only two days, but for some, it has another downside besides the boring sides of the coin. The coin is now being minted on thinner gold which allows for a larger surface area, but the coin does not feel as substantial as coins minted in the regular thickness. Collectors of coins either keep them mounted on wall displays or in specially constructed locked and felt lined drawers, where the coins can be shown, appreciated and felt when handed to others by the collector. To heft even an ounce of silver is an experience, an ounce of gold even more so. All collectible coins have a value beyond the monetary; somewhere between jewelry and fine art.

The U.S. Money Reserve has been ably managed and directed by Philip N. Diehl, who was a previous Director of the U.S. Mint. While he was at the U.S. Mint, he was committed to efficiency and customer service. Diehl changed that bureaucracy into an efficient and money-making department of the U.S. Government. His commitment to customer service has continued in his new role in the private sector. For more information about silver and gold coins visit the U.S. Money Reserve website,

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Dick DeVos As An Entrepreneur

While the common goal for a person is to have a job so that he could take care of himself. However, there are people that take it even further because they understand how society works better than others. They decide to work hard and climb up the ladder with the knowledge that they have so that they can make the right business choices that will bring them the profits that they need. Among the people that have worked hard and made a lot of success for themselves is Dick DeVos. He is someone that has pursued something that he was passionate about and has utilized his skills in order to bring forth a better life for him and his family.


Dick DeVos has owned quite a few franchises. Among the franchises and businesses that he has owned was the Orlando Magic. One of the advantages of owning businesses is that Dick DeVos was able to do more with the money that he has gained from business. As a result, Dick was able to make more donations towards different charities so that people can get the help they need while they get themselves back on their feet. DeVos is also interested in helping people map out a goal that is meant to bring them to better circumstances.


While Dick DeVos is a philanthropist, he is not an enabler. He is also willing to give people opportunities to bring forth better lives. He has a lot of experience in the business industry and knows what it takes to bring a company into profitability. He also has the ability to increase the profitability of an established company. He comes up with some of the ideas that are innovative for the company. As he applies his ideas tot he company, they increase sales. As a result, he is more able to provide funding for different initiatives like education. He is one of the philanthropists that are working hard on creating new opportunities.