Stock-Based Loans and Margin-Based Loans Are Great Alternative Financing Solutions

Though many people will tell you that stock-based loans and margin-based are more or less the same because they both engage in the practice of using securities for collateral, there are some major differences between the two they are overlooking that you should know about.


Stock-based loans and margin-based loans


For instance, borrowers of are not required to be pre-qualified to receive a stock-based loan, whereas borrowers cannot receive a margin- based loan if they do not qualify beforehand and provide an acceptable reason for needing the loan. Obstacles borrowers would face when trying to receive a loan from a bank. A stock-based loan can be used for any purpose the borrower chooses without any restriction.


Borrowers also have no obligation or ties to lenders with stock-based loans by way of a non recourse feature that can be found in most stock-based loans. Borrowers are allowed to keep the initial loan proceeds even if they decide to just up and cut ties with the lender of the stock-based loan because the value of the stock decreased. Something that really draws the attention of investors and borrowers who are looking for as little risk possible when choosing an alternative financing solution. Market fluctuation is bound to happen so the key is being prepared when it does.


One thing that is synonymous for both stock-based loans and margin-based loans is how they’ve both benefited from the financial crisis in 2008. Peoples loss of faith in banks have led to the seeking out alternative shareholder financing solutions like the two aforementioned. Banks also seem to have loss a bit of faith in people. Since the economic collapse banks have made it even tougher for individuals to qualify for credit-based loans. Their lending criteria has tighten substantially.


Companies like Equities First Holding has also taken advantage of the new age economic climate. Equities lending has never been so accepted by individuals, as an alternative to credit-based loans.


 Equities First has become a prominent alternative financing solution since its founding in 2002, becoming a world renowned company. Equities First has 650 successful transactions under its belt worth more than $1 billion today.

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U.S. Money Reserve Offers Brexit Gold Coin

This gold coin and the assimilation of gold coins is being touted as a hedge against another possible economic collapse when printed money will have zero value, but gold will always retain a certain value. Pundits, financial analysts, and experts, even George Soros are all warning about another economic collapse similar to or worse that what happened in 2007-2008. Soros recently sold out of many stock positions and decided to invest in gold but in Soros’ case he didn’t just buy gold coins, he bought a gold mine.

The Brexit gold coin has done well selling out its first production run in only two days, but for some, it has another downside besides the boring sides of the coin. The coin is now being minted on thinner gold which allows for a larger surface area, but the coin does not feel as substantial as coins minted in the regular thickness. Collectors of coins either keep them mounted on wall displays or in specially constructed locked and felt lined drawers, where the coins can be shown, appreciated and felt when handed to others by the collector. To heft even an ounce of silver is an experience, an ounce of gold even more so. All collectible coins have a value beyond the monetary; somewhere between jewelry and fine art.

The U.S. Money Reserve has been ably managed and directed by Philip N. Diehl, who was a previous Director of the U.S. Mint. While he was at the U.S. Mint, he was committed to efficiency and customer service. Diehl changed that bureaucracy into an efficient and money-making department of the U.S. Government. His commitment to customer service has continued in his new role in the private sector. For more information about silver and gold coins visit the U.S. Money Reserve website,

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Dick DeVos As An Entrepreneur

While the common goal for a person is to have a job so that he could take care of himself. However, there are people that take it even further because they understand how society works better than others. They decide to work hard and climb up the ladder with the knowledge that they have so that they can make the right business choices that will bring them the profits that they need. Among the people that have worked hard and made a lot of success for themselves is Dick DeVos. He is someone that has pursued something that he was passionate about and has utilized his skills in order to bring forth a better life for him and his family.


Dick DeVos has owned quite a few franchises. Among the franchises and businesses that he has owned was the Orlando Magic. One of the advantages of owning businesses is that Dick DeVos was able to do more with the money that he has gained from business. As a result, Dick was able to make more donations towards different charities so that people can get the help they need while they get themselves back on their feet. DeVos is also interested in helping people map out a goal that is meant to bring them to better circumstances.


While Dick DeVos is a philanthropist, he is not an enabler. He is also willing to give people opportunities to bring forth better lives. He has a lot of experience in the business industry and knows what it takes to bring a company into profitability. He also has the ability to increase the profitability of an established company. He comes up with some of the ideas that are innovative for the company. As he applies his ideas tot he company, they increase sales. As a result, he is more able to provide funding for different initiatives like education. He is one of the philanthropists that are working hard on creating new opportunities.


Madison Street Capital Nominated For Industry Honors

Madison Street Capital is very pleased to announce that it has been selected by the prestigious M&A Advisor as finalist in two categories. The final selection will be announced on November 9, 2016, however, the firm feels it a great honor to even be considered.The announcement can be found in an article on

The first nomination comes in the boutique investment banking category. Madison Street Capital has helped thousands of professionals with their financial needs including arriving at business valuations, helping customers to restructure their current businesses, serving as corporate advisors and helping provide valuations for financial reports. The hard working team that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, has many years of experience in middle market investment banking.

The second award comes in the International and Industrialsout Deal of the Year (Under $100MM) category. The nomination for this award is based on the hard work of Karl D’Cunha, a Senior Managing Director with Madison Street Capitol, who helped make the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A by Dowco possible. Finalizing this purchase was a game changer in the heavy steel industry. Dowco is now in a position to quickly provide the steel and workers to complete projects around the world instead of having to rely on other companies to provide the raw materials. It also helps them assure customers that they can complete the job on time because they have control of the entire process.

Madison Street Capitol has never rested on their laurels. They are currently helping several companies with restructuring. CEO Charles Botchway says that there are several ways that a company can tell when it is time to restructure their companies including high customer turnover, always having to look for new customers to replace those leaving, cash flow problems, outdated business models and organizational inefficiencies. He urges companies of all sizes to consider the help of their professionals if it is time to restructure your own company.

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Achieving Success in Business Through Innovative Products

Clients want solutions, and Davos group is one company that understands the power of offering solutions. The Davos cap calculator, which was launched by Davos group CEO David Osio, is an app that helps real estate clients calculate returns for their properties. The app is tipped to offer revolutionary application in the entire housing market since it allows customers to make very informed decisions.

David Osio is also the founder of Davos Financial Group. He has led the company successfully placing it strategically in the domestic and even global markets. Other than promoting the business’ profits, he has also expanded it to other strategic locations. Furthermore, he promotes charity work in all the cities that his businesses operate.

His other works of charity are donating to Wayuu Taya Foundation, UMA Foundation, and the Fundana Foundation. David also funded the latest exhibition by Carlos Cruz Diez at the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami. His works of charity have not gone unnoticed. He has received several international awards not forgetting recognitions. Apart from his other responsibilities in his company, he is also its domestic and global strategist.

David Osio graduated with honors as a lawyer from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. His career began in Venezuela where he was the Director in the Legal Desk MGO. His role involved legal advice to multi-national clients. After approximately ten years, he specialized at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas, between 1996 and 1998. After studying Management Investment Portfolio at the New York Institute of Finance, Osio achieved higher professional credentials. Before founding the Davos Financial Group, David was the Vice President of Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International in Miami. This was between 1989 and 1993. There, he supervised the management of corporate management. His efforts led to the company’s growth and international recognition.

David Osio is a businessman who aims at making an impact in the world through charity. He has been working with several Non-Profit Organizations, which help in improving the lives of others. His support is mainly directed towards arts, culture, music and medical research in the communities which he has established businesses. His focus is not only in promoting financial services but also in increasing his contributions to charity through organizations around the world.

Being a board member of the Miami Symphony orchestra-MISO, David is a great supporter. He said that through donations, foundations like the symphony could go for many years entertaining people. He also supports the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation by sponsoring the annual EPK events. He believes that all inputs are helpful in advancing medical research for children. He looks forward to a time when all people who have even a little money to spare will collaborate in making a difference in the world.


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What’s New for Fabletics?

It has already been established that Fabletics is an affordable athleisure wear line in which Kate Hudson is the face of the company, but that does not deter fans from wanting to hear what the popular brand is up to now. Despite its popularity, the CEOs of Fabletics never stop finding new ways to elevate the brand and how they can impress their followers even more. From new commercials to plans to open new stores and more; what is going on in the world of Fabletics and how excited will it make everyone?

Prepare to Welcome an Abundance of New Stores

In the next three to five years, Fabletics will open seventy-five to one hundred stores across the world. The brand is already international online, but only certain places are fortunate enough to have a physical store. Now that the statistics prove that women love this brand and want to see more, their wishes will be fulfilled by 2020.

New Styles That Are More Fabulous Than Ever

Quality brands will continuously produce new products and Poshmark is not exempt from that fact. In September 2016, the line launched a lace top paired perfectly with their signature black leggings. Referred to as the Skylar outfit, this attire is both dressy casual and ready to be thrown over a sports bra for a workout.

Fabletics also released some fall attire; Tatum, as it is called, is perfect for the impending colder months. Light purples and blacks set the tone for the ominous undertones of fall, but that does not make the price of this outfit spooky!

For the awkward time period between fall and summer, Fabletics welcomed their Petra outfit to the line as well. A beautiful turquoise color completes the sports bra, bold patterned legging combo, which makes it ideal for when it is cold in the morning yet fairly warm in the afternoon.

Holiday Deals and Steals

Each holiday, Fabletics gifts their fans with plenty of deals. Though Labor Day has come and gone, certain sales are still to be found on the website. If you do miss out, though, it is almost guaranteed that another sale will be on its way. They announce special promotions regularly on Twitter.

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Securus Technologies Makes Automates Inmate Forms

Securus Technologies has reduced the workload of the securities officers of its prisons. They accomplished this by introducing a new form of technology, ConnectUs, an automated forms processing program. ConnectUs saves an enormous amount of manpower. Time that was once spent processing paperwork is now redirected to other tasks.

Inmate Forms

  • Grievances
  • Sign up forms
  • Medical

· Handbook acceptance forms

When each of these forms is about to be submitted by an inmate a complex process is initiated. To begin with an inmate or another corrections employee must request the form and then a corrections officer must distribute the form. That form is then completed and must be collected by the officer, routed, logged, copied, filed, archived and stored. That’s a lot of activity that must follow the initial release of a requested form. That activity translated equals many man hours.

ConnectUs is purported to save up to 65% of that time. It is completely automated, making the original production of forms less time consuming. The prison system produces about 13.8 different forms each month and of course that is multiplied by thousands of inmates across the country.

By automating the form processing system, it is now easier for inmates to follow the processing of their forms. If additional information is needed, officers can request it online from the inmates. As the form moves through the system, inmates can follow its progress until its approval or denial. The final decision can also be obtained online when the inmate logs onto the program.


ConnectUs does just that, it connects the inmates to the prison officials electronically. It saves a great many man hours and allows that time to be redirected to more pressing matters. Plus, inmates are better served when the processing of their requests is completed in a timely manner and they are electronically kept informed as it moves through the approval or denial process.

George Soros Back In The Election Arena

After spending an astonishing $27 million dollars in an attempt to end George Bushes 2004 re election campaign, George Soros has kept a low profile on the political scene. However he has reemerged as one of the largest donors for this election committing over $25 million dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other democratic candidates. Soros has long been an open democratic supporter but because the stakes are so high Soros feels the extra need to participate in the process and do what he can to make sure Hillary Clinton has the resources to be beat Donald Trump on Investopedia. Soros sees Trump as a real threat to Stability in the USA and around the world which is of course concerning to any investor. In addition Soros has long been a supporter of the democratic party for its social issues the parallel his many philanthropic activities such as fighting for religious freedom and immigration reform.

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Soros is such a big Hillary support he even wanted to attend the democratic convention last week in Philadelphia, but was unable to make it do to the situation in Europe that Soros must closely monitor. George Soros has known Hillary for over 25 years and through that relationship he has a large amount of faith that she is the right person for the job. In addition his lack of faith in Donald Trump adds to his desire to make sure Trump does not get elected. In addition to his personal donations, George Soros has a domino effect within the elite finance world. When George Soros makes large donations to various packs other high wealth individuals tend to follow adding to the pool of resources for Team Hillary. After spending so much money trying to defeat Bush, Soros never thought he would need to participate in the process with such a large check again thinking that Bush was an exception he had to make and then along came Donald Trump.

How Often Do Women Find Great Hair Care Products?

Most women have tried the pricey hair salons that promise to give your hair length and definition and they do, but it takes a long time to see results. By that time, you have the results you were after, you’ve spent a lot of time and money on your hair. Your hair is a great way to be confident about your look on a daily basis, but not in its current state then try Wen hair by Chaz. Bustle magazine recently gave an actual testimonial from a first time user and you’ll be amazed at the results.
The young lady that decided to use Wen by Chaz for the first time recommended it to all of its users on Bustle. She reported that her hair was thin and would break off causing her to be frantic when she was getting prepared for school in the morning. College is a very impressionable time and she needed to be confident about how her hair was presented to the world on a daily basis so she saw an infomercial by Wen by Chaz and decided to use it. In just under a week the Sephora endorsed product was shipped right to her door.

After three days her hair had less breakage and after one week she got the desired results that she’d been after for a lifetime. Wen by Chaz has a unique line of products on Total Beauty that are great for all hair care types. Wen by Chaz puts the proper usage on each one of its products and you’ll never have to use more that the recommended amount. Women every where are happy with the results of the Wen by Chaz products and they are making it one of the most popular hair care treatment products to hit the hair care industry. Visit Wen hair by Chaz’ FAQ page:


Responsibilities of IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a company that believes in making possibilities out of the impossible. It is a leading supplier of management facilities, technical and professional services, and global logistics. The company serves more than 2000 clients in 25 countries.

They solve the challenging issues without delay. IAP Worldwide has experienced staff that is ready to tackle challenging technical problems and plan for future maintenance. The company manages and engages in the military installation of cities and small remote areas.

IAP offers right technology, people and program management that is essential to support the flexibility requirements in the world. In 60 years the company has been able to build goo picture of their responsibilities and services to their clients. IAP is customer satisfaction organization. The client, in this case, is the boss. The aim of the activity is to perfect their services to the community.

Corporate responsibility

According to IAP treats everyone in the community equally. The firm shows a lot of gratitude to the community by engaging in several social responsibilities like donations. The company believes in strong friendship with other growing businesses and gets more information to boost their performance. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

Leadership and ethics

IAP has qualified to serve individual clients to their satisfaction. Employees are work with a lot of integrity only to achieve their goals. They do things in a smart way and more efficient than other companies.

The activities the employees engage maintain the professional conduct and high moral standards. IAP empowers their workers with the knowledge to the duties well. The perfection of work contributes to the success of the business. Learn more about IAP Worldwide: and

Customer cares measures

According to Human resource professionals of IAP care a lot about the success of the customers. The company is committed to providing support programs that add a lot of value to the progress of the firm and the workers. V the company strives to leave everyone satisfied with the services.

IAP global services have acquired the DRS technologies, aviation, and logistics situated in Oklahoma. The team in IAP believes that the acquisition of the organization will expand the market. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services – ViaSat

They change the new firms into different units. The company has ideas of developing their working in the US and other international agencies and enterprises. The company is likely to secure probabilities in permanent service providing an agent to the public. IAP Worldwide has branches in more than 100 regions and 20 countries globally. It takes a lot of confidence for a company to offer unique services to the community.