Brenda Wardle: Defending Oscar Pistorius

The controversial Oscar Pistorius trial which commenced in 2013 has attracted mixed criticism. A phenomenal South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been convicted for murdering then girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp among other related offenses. According to reports released on revelation in 2013, Pretoria-resident Pistorius murdered Steenkamp with a loaded firearm on February 14, 2013. The incident occurred at his Pretoria home. Strangely, Pistorius admitted to killing Steenkamp on the account of mistaken identity. In his defense, Pistorius assumed it was an intruder and not Steenkamp entering his home.

Immediately after giving his statement, Pistorius was arrested and awaited an official trial. He formerly stood trial for murder in February 2013 and was officially charged. The Pretoria-presiding High Court Judge, President Dunstan Mlambo informed the defense of a live audio-broadcast and partially televised the trial. This includes consenting witness testimonials, sentencing, and closing/opening arguments. The trial then proceeded to the Pretoria-district South African High Court with Judge Thokozile Masipa presiding.

The case was opened on March 3, 2014, for official hearing on September 11 and 12. Upon reviewing the case extensively, the judge delivered a not guilty verdict of murder. However, Pistorius was guilty of reckless endangerment for public display of a firearm in a restaurant. He’s also guilty of culpable homicide which resulted in Steenkamp’s untimely death. He received a suspended three-year sentence for the conviction of reckless endangerment. In addition, he’s liable to spend up to five years for the charge of culpable homicide. Pistorius rose to fame after delivering an extraordinary finish at the 2012-Summer Olympic Games and the Paralympics.

Powerhouse legal analyst, Brenda Wardle, is an award-winning talent serving South Africa. She’s the appointed COO (Chief Operations Officer) of her practice Wardle College of Law Pty Ltd. She’s analyzed several high-profile cases, including South African Paralympics champion Oscar Pistorius. Wardle is a leading brand home and abroad. To her name, Wardle holds three graduate-level law degrees enterprising advanced litigation services. In addition to her litigation obligations, Wardle is an accomplished author of several notable publications. Her many contributions to the renowned SAAJ (South African Attorneys Journal) has earned her nationwide recognition. Another notable mention is that Wardle wrote a national Section-100 Interventions article.

Additionally, Wardle has attended countless interviews hosted by media giants such as the BBC Radio series which focused on the high profile Pistorius trial. Others included Talkradio 702, PowerFM and more. Among her exclusive writing samples, Wardle has penned a collection of twelve manuals, including “The Matriarchs,” and other inspirational titles. In fact, she intends to dedicate a book to the controversial Pistorius saga. Mainly, she intends to decode the science of law as a unit and the machinations that compromise the process.

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Ross Abelow Helps Families To Prepare for Financial and Medical Decisions

At any time in your life, you may need to find a lawyer that can assist you with legal matters that arise in your life. People need lawyers to draw up wills, marriage papers, and divorce papers. Litigation is at the discretion of the courts. A good lawyer in New York can help you with any of your family council needs. Contact an attorney in New York when you need papers drawn up for you.

There come times in your life when you need to make things legal. A parent may want to leave a will or chose a power of attorney to handle their affairs. The Power of Attorney has the ability to make decisions according to the papers drawn up. If you chose to give your P.O.W. the ability to make financial decisions for you, the papers will say financial power. Some people chose family members to handle decisions, if necessary, on their medical health. If you become incapacitated and unable to decide on medical issues, the Power is given to your legal Power of attorney to make these decisions for you.

Another reason you may need great attorneys such as Ross Martin Abelow is to draw up prenuptial papers for a marriage. Sometimes people get married for the wrong reason. Marry for money without a prenup may give you half of the assets if you divorce. A prenuptial agreement gives your spouse nothing if this is in the agreement. A prenup helps couples know, before the wedding, what stuff or what money is yours.

Attorney, Ross Abelow is ready and available to help you with all of your family legal papers. He will meet with you to discuss what is needed. He then writes up the legal forms that are necessary to get your job complete. Reliable and dependable, Mr. Abelow is there to help you become legally prepared for anything you need. In 1989, he graduated from Brooklyn Law School. He passed his bar and is now ready to help you to succeed with your family legal issues.

If you are in need of an entertainment attorney in New York, contact Mr. Abelow for a consultation. He is able to write up or look over contracts so you will be protected. Never go into an entertainment contract without good representation. Make sure to have a lawyer read all contracts before you sign them. This will keep you safe from unlawful contracts and keep you safe from others.

A Nationally Leading Center of Philanthropy Started By Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is perhaps best-known for his role as an NBA team owner and member of the board. What people don’t always realize is that Bruce is also involved in a number of philanthropic pursuits. That which, according to Karen Levenson, is Bruce’s most profound charitable pursuit is most definitely The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. According to PR Newswire, The Center has grown into the nation’s leading source for newly trained professionals in nonprofit philanthropic pursuits. In fact, recruiters regularly go to the University of Maryland and recruit from this center, as its students are well-vetted and, to put an entertainment industry term on it, “hot”. The Center was started just three years ago, and so for various political and social reasons, it is a trending organization right now. But that’s not to say it isn’t producing philanthropic grandeur on its own. Annually, several courses in The Center are responsible for raising twenty thousand dollars which are then given to various nonprofits deemed worthy of the donation. That’s really noteworthy. It is the goal of the Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson to do something which leaves a lasting, positive impact on not just the community, or the country, but the world itself. And their contributions have gone to good use with The Center. It’s continuing to expand, and according to PR Newswire, recently launched a dormitory so that students can live and learn directly at The Center. The future of philanthropy at the University of Maryland looks bright.

Change Your Cellphone Carrier – Choose FreedomPop

Mobile providers are constantly competing with their competitors and looking for the edge that will put them ahead and stand them apart in the market. There is no greater feeling or victory than to win over a consumer who was previously a customer elsewhere. It is no wonder that these companies put in a lot of strategic effort towards marketing deals aimed at those who are looking to switch their carriers.

The one hurdle that consumers face when looking to switch carriers is the early contract termination fee. To help potential customers overcome this financial obstacle, companies such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint offer incentives that will in essence reimburse the customer or offer them credit towards their new service and contract. Another item of note that should be considered is that not all phones are capable of working across all of the different networks. It may be necessary for the purchase of a new device so before any carrier switch is initiated, it is important that all of the necessary research is conducted.

It may seem to be a bit of a hassle so why bother switching carriers in the first place? Consumers are constantly looking for ways to save money and with a cell phone bill being a common expense, this tends to be one of the first places to look. Choosing the right carrier and plan can be time consuming but what if these very same consumers could get cell phone and mobile data service for an extremely cheap rate or even completely free? With FreedomPop, there is no need to look any further.

FreedomPop is a revolutionary service that offers the market a first of its kind product. If one does not find themselves spending hours on the phone or regularly using their mobile device for data intensive purposes, FreedomPop can be a big money saver. After purchasing a device from FreedomPop, users receive an allocation of free data and voice minutes. Of course consumers have the option of extending their services which will incur charges but for the barebones minimum it will not cost them a penny.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right carrier. It all comes down to what the consumer needs and to which extent and for that reason it is advised to weigh out all of the options and to thoroughly shop the market before coming to any decision. Just like purchasing a car, purchasing a cell phone and a contract or cell phone service plan is one of the more important decisions that anyone can make.

What’s Happening in the Luxury New York Real Estate Scene

As the US economy recovers from the after effects of the Great Recession that followed the 2008 stock market crash, New York leads the way in a real estate recovery that shows no signs up letting up. Sales of luxury New York real estate in 2015 skyrocketed, and the new year looks to be one that shatters even more records. All of this is an astounding bit of business news, and realtors in the luxury real estate market are leading the charge in brokering great deals for high powered clients.

Record Shattering Sales

2015 saw real estate records falling in the real estate market, at levels that are truly astounding. One of the most amazing sales was the $100.47 million sale of the penthouse at the incredibly luxurious One57 midtown skyscraper. This building is proving to be a major attraction for billionaires looking for properties that will store their cash and the new years looks to be seeing even more sales here at eye-popping levels.

Sales were also headed for the stratosphere in the condominium at 147 West 57th Street. This building, which faces Central Park, has prices heading in to the nine digits. All across Manhattan and also in the ever more luxurious and desirable Brooklyn, prices are going higher and higher, attracting plenty of billionaires worldwide.

Having a Realtor Who Knows The Luxury Market

Given the way prices are headed for top properties in New York, it’s critical that buyers and sellers work with realtors who have the know how to put together the right kind of deal. That’s why the realtors at TOWN real estate are now at the top of the list in this very heated market.

Since its launch as a specialist in luxury New York real estate in 2010, TOWN has become a top firm in this very competitive market. TOWN offers best-in-class customer service, and offers incredible know how and a fine tuned sense of the market in New York city as well as the outer boroughs.

When it’s time to get in on the skyrocketing New York luxury real estate market, it’s time to talk to the specialists at TOWN.

Beneful Dog Feeds

Beneful is a brand of dog products. Ultra Whole Body Health Dog Natural Dry Food is a feed that nourishes the dogs, by taking an entire body approach. It is an optimal balanced diet of premium proteins and other major nutrients created by nutritionist. Being so delicious and tasty, it supports the need of my dog through all the stages of growth. The unique fibre in the feed helps in the digestion, maintaining my dog’s health. Antioxidant nutrients will provide my dog with a strong immune system. Presence of DHA and EPA, which is in optimum levels, gives my dog a healthy and active brain. Muscle development is facilitated by the quality proteins present. Taurinent is added to give my dog healthy eyes and heart. Beneful Dog and Dry Food feature tasty, healthy ingredients in different shapes and sizes to interest my dog. It is comprised of balanced diet, due to the original recipe. The moist rubbery chunks are made with real beef; vitamin rich vegetables and nutritious grains, which are so beneficial for my dog’s health. The crunchy moist texture makes the food colourful and enjoyable for my dog .The real beef gives my dog strong muscles, due to the protein present. Carbohydrates give my dog energy all day. Natural Dog Food and Grain Free Dog Food, has restricted number of proteins and carbohydrates, so that my dog can only get the required amount. Duck tasty protein, supplies essential amino acids to my dog. Fresh potatoes give my dog enough carbohydrates and other nutrients, which are highly digestible providing enough energy for my dog. This grain free formula features a variety of tasty ingredients which provide other essential vitamins for my dog. Flaxseed and canola oils provide Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for skin healthy coat. Rosemary provides excellent antioxidant that acts as a natural preservative. Natural Balance Original Ultra Chicken Salmon and Duck canned food, is a whole balanced quality, which contains a superior mixture of animal and grain product. Being made of quality meats from Petco, potatoes, carrots and brown rice are also used, which results to a unique blend with a high digestibility assurance, providing my dog with the necessary nutrients. For growing puppies the feed is mixed with Natural Balance Original Ultra Dry, which could ease the weaning process thus stimulating appetite for my puppies. This feed satisfies the caloric requirements and is also great for picky eaters that can help kindle my older dog’s appetite. Beneful provides the best dog meals of all time.

Lime Crime Pulls No Punches In The Area Of Responsibility

Lime Crime is the most responsible companies in the cosmetics world today. Doe Deere founded Lime Crime with a small eBay store and a few hundred dollars. Her store turned into a multi-million dollar operation that creates responsible products for women who want to wear something striking every day. The bold and provocative colors found in the Lime Crime catalog are only the beginning of a company that is helping women express themselves properly. This article explores how Doe Deere has taken responsibility seriously with her cosmetics brand.

#1: Vegan Products Are In Today

Vegan products are in around the world are in vogue, and every woman who has chosen a vegan lifestyle is looking for new products that will help make her look beautiful. Many women object to traditional cosmetics because animal products are included, and Doe Deere began by creating velvetines that are vegan. The vegan velvetines were the first of the products Lime Crime produced without animal products, but the catalog is filling up with new vegan products every day.

#2: Doe Mentors Young Women

Doe Deere has created a mentorship program for women who are in need of help starting their own businesses. Lime Crime is an inspiring company, and many women who use Lime Crime products will think of starting their own companies in the future. Doe wants to provide women with a unique way of starting their own businesses, supporting their families and living their dreams. Lime Crime was once a dream for Doe, and today Lime Crime is a dream come true.

#3: Doe Prefers Bright Colors

Doe Deere prefers bright colors, and the bright colors she produces are unique to her company. There are many women who must match their bright colors to the other colors in their clothing. A woman with bright colors in her clothing may match her eyeshadow or lipstick, and a woman who is interested in creating her own personal style may do so using the vivacious colors from Lime Crime.

#4: The Lime Crime Name Is Bold

The Lime Crime name is as bold as it can be, and the name indicates that each color will push the boundaries of what a woman would can do with her appearance. Wonderful makeup is a way for a woman to feel good about herself when she gets ready in the morning, and these same colors will help women make a statement that cannot be made with words. Every woman who is fashioning her personal style has a partner in the the Lime Crime name.

Lime Crime is a name that people are drawn to because of its vivid nature. Everyone who is looking for a new way to apply makeup must try Lime Crime just once.