Inside OSI Industries’ new Toledo Facility

OSI Industries’ newly acquired facility and outlet in Spain is a factory like no other. The company rebranded the facility as OSI Food Solutions as part of the initiative to penetrate the European market. After the acquisition, the company spent over 17 million euros remodeling the factory to feature some cutting edge operational technology that would ensure that it meets the prospected targets of over 24,000 tons of chicken on an annual basis.

The Spanish factory is part of the OSI Industries’ initiative to expand its market coverage. Since its establishment in 1909, OSI Industries has been dedicated to achieving exemplary customer service by providing innovative food products. Focusing on research and development, the company has been keen to provide customers with exceptional quality foods that feature the modern-day demands of quality as well as health standards.

The Spanish OSI Food Solutions factory located in Toledo gives the company a strategic advantage with the intent of expanding its customer service. The Spanish chicken products market is particularly highly lucrative. For instance, the company noted that there had been an average increase in the demand for chicken products. Analysts estimate that the demand has gone up by over 6% over the last couple of years. With this demand projected to maintain an upward trend, OSI Industries would be looking forward to reaping heavily from the promising growth.

The 22,600 square feet facility is expected to house a production facility, shipping and logistics area, storage area complete with refrigeration, as well as social areas where employees of the company can meet. The facility also houses additional spaces for kitchens, research and development rooms, and other relevant additional features designed to make the Toledo facility exceptional.

OSI Industries is expected to uphold research and development as part of the initiative to keep the business afloat amidst stiff competition that has hit the food service industry in the recent past. OSI also expects that the local production facility would have a direct positive effect on the local economy. In addition to creating new jobs in the Toledo neighborhood, the management expects that the new facility would give the company a new competitive advantage as well as a vantage point to penetrate the European market.

OSI Industries is also committed to the maintenance of high-quality standards as far as production, storage, and food handling is concerned. The exceptional quality standards are expected to be maintained through the newly installed food production surveillance systems.

The Chainsmokers: Taking on the Summer

The Chainsmokers were formed when the band’s current manager, Adam Alpert, introduced two of friends to each other, Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart. Alpert knew that Pall needed a DJ partner, and he also knew that Taggart would be a perfect fit. Pall and Taggart had a quick, easy chemistry together and both men quit their day jobs to make a gS .

By 2014 the Chainsmokers were ready for their debut, playing a show at Terminal 5 in New York in September as the opener for Timeflies. The show was a success and the Chainsmokers were ready to get it done.

They have had several chart-topping songs and Ep’s, but arguably their biggest success came with their first full-length album, “Memories…Do Not Open.” The album hit #1 on both of Billboard’s Dance/Electronic and Top 200 Charts. They have a great deal of crossover popularity, selling many albums outside of the dance/electronic genre.

They often release free singles via their website, with the songs being downloadable for anyone. These singles are often more experimental than their longer play recordings. Though these single releases they maintain a presence in the music scene between longer albums. They also get the chance to explore other genres of music and collaborate with a diversity of other musicians.

The most recent of their singles, “Side Effects”, is a collaboration with Emily Warren. Pall and Taggart have worked with Warren several times before and enjoy their experiences with her, naming her one of their “favorite people.” “Side Effect” represents a return to a more upbeat sound for the Chainsmokers, who tend to write music incorporating their feelings and experiences at the time. During the last winter, normally a subdued and melancholy time, they were having some rough experiences and much of the music they released at the time showcase this. Pall and Taggart consciously made “Side Effects” more upbeat, with a faster tempo. They wanted to step into summer with something they described as a “summer banger” for their fans. They want the new season to have a new direction for their music.

Alex Hern Is Putting His Visionary Entrepreneurial Skill To Work With Another Great Company:

For the past twenty-five plus previous years, Alex Hern has been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship. Early stage businesses have been a major focus of his during this time, particularly with companies that operate in the technology sector within business market. Alex was the co-founder behind the IPO Inktomi Goldman Sachs. This IPO powered legendary websites AOL, MSN and Yahoo. He also founded email marketing firm Yesmail and served as its director. These are just a few of the numerous companies that Alex Hern had a hand in founding and running.

Alex Hern’s most recent major business venture is one called Tsunami XR. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California and Alex Hern is the CEO. The idea for Tsunami came upon Alex’s realization that new software apps were going to be necessary with the advent of the GPU era of computing that is currently replacing the CPU era. The software that was going to be necessary is that of a nature that it can leverage all of the new abilities that have become possible with graphic procession. In any given day, Alex Hern spends a large block of time, often as much as four to five hours, simply considering what can be done on that given day to help the company achieve its goals.

Throughout his distinguished business career, Alex Hern has always managed to bring ideas to life by spending time thinking of ways to innovate. He often accomplishes this task at night when the rest of the world is asleep. It is during these times that he is able to focus on the types of technology that are driving his business. In this way, he can envision the types of applications that might be ideal for helping the business to grow. It is this kind of thinking that has led Alex Hern to become such a recognized success in the industry of tech innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Betsy Devos – the Education Reformer

Long before Betsy Devos was the Secretary of Education in the United States, she was an active proponent of “school choice,” a movement that allows students from all economic levels to choose a school based on its educational criteria rather than on geographical location. She has actively worked toward the passing and implementation of legislative bills that will use public funds to create vouchers for private schools or tax credits for people who chose to enroll their children in private schools. While school-choice programs are not available in most states as yet, Devos is committed to the idea that all parents should have the financial opportunity to provide a quality private education, regardless of their income.


Betsy Devos has been the chairperson of many different non-profit groups whose goals were to move the legislation of school-choice laws forward. Her work with these charities as well as her position as Chairman of the Michigan Republican party placed her in a position to help form the American Federation for Children. The AFC is a political action committee which actively campaigns for legislation allowing school-choice vouchers and tax credits to be part of the education system.


Although many students and their families have benefitted from Betsy Devos’s philanthropic efforts and are full of praise for her work, other groups are less enchanted with the offerings she brings to the table in the political arena. Betsy Devos has been heard to say that education should be a bi-partisan political issue and that students from low-income families should have the opportunity for quality education, but large numbers of people including teacher’s unions agree that the reality of charter and private schools is vastly different than the picture Devos paints. Opponents claim that if the government has implemented tax credits and vouchers for private school, funding for public schools will decrease. Since public schools already struggle with reduced funding, many opponents of Betsy Devos’s policies fear the disparity between public and private schools will become even more evident if the government approves vouchers and tax credit nationwide.


Regardless of which political party holds office, it appears that Betsy Devos is either going to save the education system or doom it to failure. Which direction it takes is not yet clear.


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Jason Hope Views His Charitable Donations As Investments In The Future Of Humankind

Jason Hope’s recent philanthropic endeavors have been highlighted in several online articles. While others might view his recent monetary donations to agencies such as the SENS foundation as charitable contributions, Jason Hope sees them as investments in the future of medicine. More specifically, an investment in anti-aging.

Mr. Hope has become a staunch supporter of the SENS foundation, which places a focus on finding regenerative solutions for diseases associated with the aging process such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This research foundation works to find preventative strategies that will work to help the body on a cellular level.

In 2010, Jason Hope was spotlighted as having donated 500,000 dollars to the SENS foundation. This donation allowed the foundation to purchase equipment they could use in their Cambridge based lab. Through Mr. Hope’s generous contribution they were also able to begin a new research program into how human tissue breaks down glycation end products. By locating the causes of cellular breakdown with age, they hope to be able to reverse or eliminate many debilitating conditions.

Raised in Arizona, Jason Hope attended Arizona State University where he specialized in finance. He views himself as a futurist who looks for opportunities to help advance humankind. The anti-aging work conducted by the SENS foundation is just one of several entrepreneurial endeavors he has invested in. In addition to the breakthroughs being made in the field of medicine, Mr. Hope is also very interested in the advancement of technology. He often refers to these advancements as the Internet of Things or IoT. In fact, he is so well versed on the current trends in technology that he has written a book about it.

Jason Hope views the IoT as an advanced system of connectivity. This broad spectrum synchronization of devices has already begun. He sees the changes taking place in technology as points of potential that will change the way the business world operates. One area in particular that has caught the attention of Mr. Hope is transportation. He points to the advancements being made to help monitor issues with maintenance for trains and real-time updates on road conditions for bus lines.

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Dr. Saad Saad Changes the Medical Sector with his Inventions.

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the pediatric practitioners who has revolutionized the medical sector through the use of technology. After working as a physician for more than four decades, he has been involved in major pediatric surgeries that have enabled him to identify the challenges that are faced by the doctors in their line of duty to save the lives of patients. One of the challenges that he identified and that mainly affected the field of pediatrics is the use of catheters. A catheter is a medical gadget that is used by the medical practitioners to perform many operations on the patients, ranging from treating diseases, managing critical medical conditions and even performing other medical functionalities and procedures. The challenge involved in using this gadget was the fact that it has to be inserted into the patient’s body any time it’s operational.


After inserting it, the problem begins from that point. This is because once the doctor needs to use it again or need to attend to the patient for further treatment, they will be required to locate the catheter inside the patient’s body. Traditionally, the physicians have been using X-rays to locate the catheters. These have consequently posed the patients in hazardous positions especially if this is repeated for a prolonged period. As an alternative, magnetic resonance imaging has been used by the surgeons to locate the positions of these catheters inside the patients’ bodies, but this has also been faced by some challenges. The challenge is that the machines use for this process are so bulky and less portable, and it becomes difficult to use them on many patients since the insurance do not cater to the movement of the machines from one location to the other.


To improve on this, Dr. Saad Saad has designed a modern catheter that would be detected using the electromagnetic force. This has been a great invention that has reduced the risk on the patient that had been associated with the use of the X-rays and the guide wires while tracing the locations of the catheters. Another challenge that the pediatric doctors have faced is the use of the endoscope. This is a device that enables these physicians to view the inside of the body through the natural openings like the esophagus, trachea, colon and others. Mainly, the device is used when the children have swallowed external objects that need to be removed without going through surgery.


The challenge faced by these doctors is the aspect of fluids in the bodies of human beings. These fluids form fog that prevents a clear focus on the target objects. To curb this, Dr. Saad Saad has invented a modern endoscope that has enabled him to perform this procedure without the obstruction of the body fluids. Learn more :

Banker Anil Chaturvedi Success Story

Anil Chaturvedi is a prominent banker in the globe. He has managed to create himself a big name via his tremendous success. Anil has played a big part in the world finance for several years due to his hard work and massive commitment towards his career. Banker Anil Chaturvedi has been in the banking industry for more than four decades. In his service time, he has been able to have a continuous and progressive promotion trend in the banking industry. Anil Chaturvedi has numerous opportunities to serve in international banks which enabled him to become the incredible leader he is in the current. He has also managed to work with great figures that have helped him to flourish and shine in this industry. He attained the chances due to his managerial and leadership skills that he had earned out of his extensive exposure and experience in his career.

His professionalism and knowledge enabled him to serve together with many other categories of clients all through the financial industry. Anil also had an excellent opportunity to work with various banks all around the world. He has been able to serve them as a critical asset to the team and the entire banking department. He has an incredible positively impacted various banks and investors due to his extensive knowledge and tremendous experience. Anil has his dream of serving in the financial world since he was a young man. His great success is based on the fact that he has massive determination and commitment towards growing his skills and experience in this industry. He has been a great inspiration to many due to his an altered potential and the ability to develop and flourish more and more in this industry.


Currently, Banker Anil Chaturvedi works as the Managing Director of private banking, Hinduja Bank which is situated in Switzerland. Anil has played an incredible role when it comes to marketing. His success is mainly grounded in his outstanding, efficient and effective marketing mechanism. Anil Chaturvedi has also severally tried to succeeding through establishing more businesses to India right from the Europe Indian residents. Anil is a good figure which is worth much credit through his career in the finance industry.

The Infinity Group Australia Agenda

Infinity Group Australia is a company directed by Graeme Home that focuses on relievig debt for the residents and families of Australia. financal debt is a huge problem, especially in the content of Australia. The company treats every client’s debt with a strategic approach. There are several different ways that the company belives the debt can be reduced and solved. One of the main stream ideals for debt relief is the use of cash. In a breif article the company explains the seven ways the use of cash can help eliminate the problem of debt.

One of the many reasons that people allow themselves to fall into the debt trap is because of credit cards. Credit cards provide a way to store money and spend it all electronically without physically using money. Using a credit card is a fast and eassy transaction, while paying with physical money would seem harder to do. Infinity Group Australia states that “credit cards are too easy.” The company advises using cash rather than card, which would in return help the payer think more critically before spending.

The Infinity Group Australia belives that if you can’t use cash to buy something, then it’s not worth buying. Incorporating cash into the payment method aids the buyer in keeping track of how much money is going out and how much ultimately is coming in. The company gives very helpful advice with using cash and its advantages stating, “When using a cashed based budget, you’ll have to save up for larger purchases.” There are many psycologial advantages with using cash intstead of card. The Infinity Group Australia provides neccesary steps in the process of debt freedom.

The award winning company ownes up to its agenda with success over the years. Under the company’s program the clients were able to successfully eliminate forty-one thousand dollars in debt in the span of a year. This success rate is at one-hundred percent. With a little aid and guidance, clients were able to strategically eliminate thier debt and accumulate wealth in the process. The Infinity Group Australia puts its clients first. The company belives that taking a different approach on debt will help overcome it in the long run. Financial success for the every day Australian family is the main goal for this company. Each day the company strives to develop different ways to reduce debt and accumulate wealth for the families.

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Finding and Expressing Personality With Fashion From Academy of Art University

A lot of fashion designers have the sense of art about them. However, they may need help in finding their personality and expressing it through fashion. Fortunately, Academy of Art University makes it easier for them by teaching them all of the fundamentals as well as the different ideas of fashion. While people try to make others dress the same, the worst thing that a fashion designer can do in the fashion industry is design something that looks just like something another person designed. For one thing, he is not going to be able to sell the items that he designed.

One of the best things that a designer can do with the help of Academy of Art University is find his fashion personality. When he finds the type of fashion personality he has, then he will have an easier time designing items that not only are unique but are appealing. People have to want to wear the item in order for it to sell. Fortunately, this is very easy as long as the designer is able to figure out his audience. Once he is able to find his target audience, then he will be able to design with them in mind.

Academy of Art University is very helpful in giving the designer the type of personality that is needed to not only outperform other designers but actually change the fashion industry. One good thing about the future of the fashion industry is that it is inclusive. A great future in the fashion industry is a future where people can easily explore fashion from different cultures so that they will be able to put together their own styles that they are comfortable with. One of the people who take the most advantage of fashion are those that do not worry about how ridiculous they may look.

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Richard Dewayne Blair Three Pillars

Living life without a clear plan in most places leads to chaos. One area that people tend to lack a plan is in their finances. Richard Dewayne Blair founder of Wealth Solutions has dedicated his career to making sure that people have an idea for retirement. Waiting until retirement is upon you to start trying to plan turns out to be a failure. Proper planning will ensure that one is able to live a comfortable life. He serves the Austin, Texas community and surrounding areas. He has been very successful in his career by implementing strategies that allow him to do business in a way that incorporates the things that he loves.

Richard Dewayne Blair grew up around teachers, so the bases he is planning strategies on guiding his clients as if they were his students. He does business with the three pillar system. Everyone is not in the same situation. A struggle that one person may have may not be the same struggle as someone else. He makes sure that he develops different ways to help his customer through the three pillar system. The first pillar of the three pillar system allows Blair to evaluate the situation that his client is currently in. He not only looks at their situation he looks at how he can help them to better the condition that they are in. Their strengths, weaknesses, failures, and triumphs are looked at in this stage. He has to see their current reality before he is able to do anything else for them. The second pillar is where he began to put a plan in place to make sure that his client is ready to be successful. He has already seen what the lack so he starts to set them up for success. In the third pillar, Richard Dewayne Blair manages the account of his client to make sure that they a progressing and not failing. If he sees that they are going backward instead of forward he makes changes to the plan to ensure that his clients are successful. He understands that people may need assistance.