Sam Boraie and his success in Real Estate

A real estate business man, Sam Boraie is the Vice President at the Boraie Development, LLC. The company provides many different services which touch on all sectors of the real estate market. Boraie Development, LLC has worked with prominent contractors, financial institutions and visionary architects. The main services offered by the real estate company are property management, estate development and sales and marketing of real estate. Through the leadership of Sam Boraie, Boraie Development, LLC has managed to grow and register massive success. Sam Boraie has turned his company to become experts in the urban real estate.

Sam Boraie is considered as an astute businessman who is focused and committed in the real estate market. According to PR Newswire, he has played a huge role in reviving the property market of New Brunswick for over 20 years. Sam Boraie is responsible for overseeing the business development division at the Boraie Development, LLC. Through his leadership, he has been able to spearhead many acquisitions for this division. Sam has over the years marketed the assets of his firm through his connections beyond and within the real estate industry. Due to Sam’s exceptional marketing skills, Boraie Development, LLC has managed to sell out most projects.

In an article by NY Times, apart from his involvement in the real estate market, Sam Boraie is also an active philanthropist. He is involved and also contributes in many charitable organizations that are committed to giving back to the society. Sam is a member of the advisory board at the Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is non-profit organization that is based in New Brunswick that empowers lives and also eliminates hunger through food among members of the society who are vulnerable. Elijah’s Promise also fights for the rights of New Jersey residents who are underprivileged. Sam Boraie is also a member of the board of trustees of the State Theatre.

A non-profit historical venue, State Theater is used for performing arts and entertainment. The role of the venue is to enhance the lives of people through its contribution to urban development. Through awareness and education, it has been used to create the future of communities. Sam Boraie attributes his success in the real estate industry to passion, hard work, discipline and commitment.

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Warren Buffett Highlights The Mediocre Returns Of Many Funds

The number of funds operating in the U.S. providing high quality investment opportunities for people looking to secure their own future is being shown to be low by some of the major figures in the financial industry. Tim Armour of the Capital group has been explaining his view of a year long bet that is drawing to a close for the well known billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who he feels is highlighting the low yield levels offered by most hedge funds directed towards retirement planning investors.

Buffett stands to make around $1 million for charity by outperforming a number of hedge fund managers who he has take on with a so-called passive low yield investment. Armour feels the high maintenance fees and excessive trading done by the majority of funds targeted to investors are not offering value for money in any way.

Tim Armour is well known for the success he continues to have as an investment specialist who acts as the CEO and President of Capital Group, for whom he also remains an active trader heading a number of different funds and divisions.

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The work of Tim Armour as a financial specialist began at Capital and has continued with the same group where he has built an impressive level of investment experience Timothy Armour uses to provide high levels of success for his clients. The main areas of investing experience and knowledge built up over his career at Capital are based in the global communications arena.

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Healing Breaths: How Stem Cell Treatment and The Lung Institute Are Helping Chronic Patients Breathe Again

For people with chronic lung conditions, many everyday things such as walking up stairs or even have a conversation while standing up become a chore, or even an impossibility without the aid of Oxygen. For these people life can be a constant struggle. But, with recent advances in stem cell therapy, many have started seeing improvements that stunned even their doctors.

One organization that employees such treatment is The Lung Institute, with several locations across America from Tampa, Florida to the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. Their treatment, carried out by world-class doctors with over a century of combined experience, involves harvesting stem cells from the patient’s own blood or bone marrow, which are then separated from the other cells and returned into the patient’s bloodstream in a concentrated dose. From there the cells come to rest inside the lungs, promoting both natural healing and a reduction of inflammation.

Treating diseases such as emphysema, COPD, (, pulmonary fibrosis and even asthma, The Lung Institute has done much to touch the lives of people whose entire existences were dictated by chronic and debilitating illnesses. With their treatment, patients were able to do everyday tasks that were made difficult due to these diseases such as gardening, walking the dog, or even taking a shower with ease again, greatly increasing their quality of life and overall well-being on top of the obvious healing benefits.

In the past, treatment options ( were limited when it comes to the lungs, but today there is no need for that to be the case. With undeniable results and safe, minimally invasive treatments, places like The Lung Institute truly are working wonders and changing the lives of people who, in the past, may not have had any options for effective treatment. With this shining example in place, stem cell treatment has a bright future when it comes to healing and changing the lives of many, many people with debilitating and even life threatening diseases.

Clay Siegall and Cancer Therapy

Millions of people every year die due to complications with cancer. There are a lot of people who believe that they have a unique approach to fighting the disease. The problem is that research is time consuming and costs a lot of money. The good news is that people like Clay Siegall are starting to make investments in this area to drive value for customers over the long term. Not only that, but they are excited about some of the changes that are starting to take place as well. If you want to start investing for the future, now is the time to do so. Clay Siegall knows how to change the world in terms of his health research, and he wants to get that information in front of as many people as possible.

Health Living

Although it sounds simple, if you live a healthy life you will have a reduced risk of cancer. There is a lot of research around foods to avoid if you want to live a more healthy life. Prevention is something that Clay Siegall has focused on for many years. There are always going to be those cases where someone has a health issue even though they have positive habits that are going to last over the long term. However, many people are excited to learn just how much a person like Clay Siegall can help society through his research. If a person will eat healthy and exercise throughout their life, the chances of them acquiring cancer will be greatly reduced. Over time, he is excited about a lot of the changes that are being made in this area.


One of the issues with the healthcare system today is that medicine is more expensive than ever before. If you want to start changing the lives of other people, now is the time to invest in medicine that is more scalable for the rest of the population. A lot of people today just need to invest in medicine that can get them through therapy. Clay Siegall and his team and working on solutions for this issue among many others.

Securus Does It Again! Is Awarded Gold Stevie Award

Securus Technologies has done it again! They have been awarded the Gold Stevie Award in the eleventh annual Gold Stevie Awards for sales and customer service. They were awarded with the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service training department of 2017.


The awards were presented to Securus Technologies during a banquet on a recent Friday. Over 650 executives from around the world were present to attend this event as the awards were being handed out. The banquet was held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Getting the awards is no simple feat. There were over 2,300 nominations from various companies and organizations from around the world in various different industries and markets. There were 77 judges, all professionals who took each nominee into account. There were lesser awards, such as the silver and bronze awards, but Securus got the Gold award.


Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, said that it’s great to be recognized by leaders in the field for their dedication, commitment, innovation, and quality.


The judges were full of praise for Securus Technologies. One judge said that the role of Securus is very important in today’s society and that it’s such a good thing that they will always provide their services to those who need them. The founder of the Stevie Awards, who is also the president, Michael Gallagher, said that the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service is really one of the most competitive of all the Stevie Awards and is growing at a very fast rate.


Securus Technologies is a company that services more than 1,200,000 inmates in more than 3,450 law agencies and correctional facilities around the country. They develop technologies for monitoring products, self-service products for inmates, emergency response products and a lot more in order to make the world a safe place.



Life Line Screening Provides People with Information About Potential Health Risks

Life Line Screening is a medical facility dedicated to helping people become aware of potential health problems. This facility employs a comprehensive staff of registered technicians as well as board certified physicians, radiologists and cardiologists. All of the screenings provided through Life Line are conducted according to the latest protocols to ensure the results are accurate. Their labs are also certified according to the standards laid out in the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment for the United States. Since Life Line Screening first opened its doors in 1993, it has helped millions of people become aware of potential health issues through its preventative screening services.

Preventative Services

Life Line Screening offers their services through three basic methods. Ultrasound is used to view the internal systems of the body. This method is used to screen for aneurysms in the abdominal or aortic regions. It is also used to screen for disease in the carotid artery, disease in the peripheral arteries and bone density to determine the risk for osteoporosis. Life Line Screening also uses the traditional finger stick method for obtaining blood samples. A blood panel is run to detect the presence of certain elements, such as glucose. These samples could be used to screen for cholesterol, diabetes, liver damage and cardiovascular disease.

In addition to the two aforementioned methods of screening, Life Line also offers electrocardiograph screening under certain circumstances. This is used to detect an irregular heartbeat, which could be an indication of a more serious condition. Additional screening services offered through this facility include screening for thyroid disease, kidney disease, colorectal cancer and prostrate cancer. They also offer a health risk assessment screening that addresses the six major conditions that could be potentially severe. This assessment includes screening for diabetes, stroke, congestive heart failure, COPD, heart disease and lung cancer.

Read Life Line Screening’s blog for the latest information.

The Latest Acquisition

With assets of about $4.6 billion, NexBank is a reliable partner in the provision of mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional banking services. The bank focuses mainly on real estate investors, large corporations, and middle-market firms.

The bank, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, recently announced the acquisition of College Savings Bank of Princeton, NJ. Its latest acquisition is a bank that specializes in college saving programs.

According to the president and CEO of NexBank, its latest acquisition will retain its current operations, name, and branding. However, it will now provide those services as a division of NexBank. According to the CEO, the transaction was advantageous for both parties. It would allow Nexbank to better serve the broad needs of its clients and assist families in saving for college. He further added that the acquisition was important for both the short and long-term growth of the company.

College Savings Bank has been focusing on assisting parents to save for college since 1987 when it was founded. It has served as a reliable partner for many parents who want to prepare their kids to access higher education. The bank is the program manager for college savings programs in the states of Arizona and Indiana.

NexBank’s Philanthropic Work

After a recent sniper attack on police officers, the bank, and others in Texas wanted to help families of the affected police officers. It contributed to the Assist the Officer Foundation, which is a non-profit operated by the Dallas Police Association.

John Holt, the CEO, and president of NexBank said that the support for officers from citizens and businesses was a testament to the goodness of the people of Dallas and Texas in general. Although he noted that the donation would not eliminate the damage caused by the attack, it would help lessen the pain of the victims.

About NexBank

NexBank is part of NexBank Capital Inc. The bank, which has a charter dating back to 1922, is a leading regional bank in Texas. It services can be accessed by individuals, corporations, and institutional clients, who benefit from its wide range of financial services and products.


Best Party Gifts For Your Whiskey Drinking Guy


Party gifts for men are difficult to purchase, even for the woman that assumes that she knows her guy quite well.  Sure you can go for underwear brands that will make him fell comfy, or even one of the fancy mens wallet brands, but that’s sort of a crap shoot.  These are the things people usually like to pick out for themselves.

Now, if your guy is really a whiskey guy, you probably know that already, but which brand is best? Guys have their own personal taste or brand. Consequently, you could simply buy that brand or check out this list of the best cheap Whiskey brands that your guy is probably going to like along with a good old fashioned soda.


Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey

This is a favorite among a wide variety of guys. This is an American Bourbon that is manufactured in Kentucky. The whiskey has a heavy, deep flavor that is very distinctive of Kentucky Bourbon. The Wild Turkey Brand is a cheap American brand, but is a rich, full bodied blend that compares with more expensive brands of cheap whiskey.


Canadian Mist Black Diamond Canadian Whiskey

This is one of the best cheap whiskey brands.  This Canadian Whiskey with a sweet, rich, and fruity flavor. The 86 proof blend has a decidedly bold flavor that you guy is sure to like. This is a high premium Canadian Whiskey that cost less than twenty bucks. Great on the rocks or straight.


Old Fashioned Soda Brand

Select the whiskey of your choice and mix it with a good old fashioned brand soda like RC Cola, Dads Old Fashioned Cream Soda, Dads Old Fashioned Root Beer, or Cripple Creek Soda.


The good news is that the Whiskey and Old Fashioned Soda Brands are less than thirty bucks. The even better news is that the products are readily available across the country or to order online.

Why You Need to Know Jeffry Schneider

Businesses today are criticized for being too big to be agile and change, or to small to attract top talent. Businesses around the globe are struggling to maintain a good balance, deal with the changing legal, political, and economic environments, and stay afloat. So when a person enters the arena with a good idea, is able to build upon it, and generates over a billion dollars, people take notice. This person found the elixir of skills, talent, balance, and knowledge to excel in business. This person is Jeffry Schneider.

Jeffry Schneider is the founder or an investment firm named Ascendant Capital, LLC. His company caters to and delivers for its alternative fund sponsors. Ascendant Capital, LLC has grown from 2 employees to over 30. He, and his team, have raised over $1 Billion. His team relies on open dialogue and trust. Before he began Ascendant Capital, LLC he gained experience working for other investment firms.

In his free time, Jeffry enjoys staying fit and being healthy. He has participated in marathons, iron mans, and half ironmans. He enjoys traveling the world as well. He has traveled through Europe, South America, Asia and more! Jeffry also enjoys giving back to his community. He contributes to many charitable organizations. These include: the Cherokee Home for Children, The Gazelle Foundation, and Wonders and Worries.

Any business would be lucky to pick his brain. He has earned his rightful place as a great and relevant resource. Follow Jeffry on Twitter @jeffryschneider to learn what great alternate investments are, and to get motivation for living a great life! This is the man to watch as he scales up and rises to the ranks of superhero and more information click here!

EOS Climbs Over Competetors, Earns #2 Spot. Here’s How!

EOS, the round container of lip balm, known for its intriguing flavors ( ) and natural, health-oriented ingredients, has managed to snag the #2 spot in the list of lip balm manufacturers. This is saying quite a bit as this upstart hasn’t been around nearly as long as its competitors (some of whom have been in the game for a century.)

The creators of EOS didn’t earn their number 2 slot overnight, but they have certainly swept the industry by storm in their short time.

In a recent interview (more information can be found here), the creators said that they wanted to find an industry that they could really sweep. After putting in some serious time and thought, they decided that they would target lip balms as the industry had been virtually untouched in decades.

Once they had enough data and knew what their target audience wanted, they came out with EOS – a lip balm that wouldn’t be as easy to lose in purses, with flavors that made their consumers happy to use, and an advertising campaign that Millennial women just couldn’t ignore.

Using top names in beauty blog circles to review their products and help get the hype going as well as using traditional advertising methods was only one of the key ways the creators ensured that EOS lip balm would rise above its competitors.

With its popularity on the rise, the brand made a smart move to partner with many other brands creating limited runs and special editions of its lip balm. Including a matching lip balm for Keds shoes, holiday collection (limited edition) with Rachael Roy and an Alice in Wonderland collection that was sold out in mere days.

Even though EOS has only been on the market for a short 7 years, already competitors are taking a leaf from their book and updating their looks and flavors. Want EOS? Try the products today, visit the Evolution of Smooth website, or the Racked online store to purchase.

Way to go, EOS!