Nowadays, the internet is not a hard thing to access. Everyone has his or her way of getting onto the worldwide web. In previous years, it has not been as easy. This was especially the case if you were an African American or Hispanic person in the 1900’s to 2000’s. This is what led Darien Dash to start helping these people to get their own way to get onto the internet. Darien claimed at one point that in the year 1999, 41 million white people had stable access to the internet. This was a problem to him because only 4 million African American people had this privilege.

He first started during his time on a non profit organization by helping young people learn how to use computers. He soon moved onto creating his own business and partnered with two corporate executives to help sell low cost computers to minorities in New Jersey and New York. His company was called DME Interactive Holdings. It was the first black owned business to be traded on Wall Street. He eventually worked with Bill Clinton. In modern times, Darien can be found giving insight to his clients about a lot of different tech related subjects. Darien is the perfect example of a hardworking entrepreneur. He did not always work completely with technology.

His first company “Roc-A-Block Records” made him a lot of money. It was a record label that him and his cousin created together. This record label showed Darien that he could be successful. Although it was a big achievement for him, Darien did not continue on with his work at the record label. That is what led him to start what was discussed earlier. The idea of not stopping until satisfied is portrayed by Darien very well. He shows that there is always something better if you work hard enough.