Kevin Seawright is an entrepreneur in Baltimore with deep experience in the real estate industry, financial management and business administration. He founded RPS Solutions LLC in 2015. His company renovates homes that it then sells as affordable housing. It offers people a way to achieve financial independence through homeownership. RPS Solutions works with first-time homebuyers. The team at RPS Solutions looks for homes to invest in throughout the greater Baltimore region.

He said that it’s important for first-time homebuyers to understand how lenders determine eligibility. They have strict requirements to meet if you’re going to get a loan. Your credit score is the most important factor for lending decisions. Other factors they look at include past payment patterns, combined income to debt ratio, total current debt and employment.

Kevin Seawright said you need to find the right real estate agent. He suggests meeting with several agents before committing to working with one. Ask for references and read online reviews about them. He says people are more likely to leave a poor review than a good one, so keep that in mind. Also find out how many sales they close a year, with 12 or more being ideal.

Find an agent that advocates for first-time homebuyers. They should help people qualify for government programs and incentives. These can include down payment relief, grants, low-interest loans and tax breaks. Kevin Seawright said the average first-time homebuyer gets over $17,000 in assistance. A good real estate agent helps their clients find a great interest rate on their mortgage.

Kevin Seawright said you shouldn’t buy a home that’s priced for what you’re pre-approved for. The most important thing is to buy one in a great location. Keep your mortgage payments low, so the home is affordable. You can always make upgrades to a home later on.