Ross LevinsohnIn the past three decades, the world has changed dramatically. The evolution of technology has ramped up at a frenetic pace in the media industry. In the 1990s, people tuned in to live broadcasts and read the morning newspaper. In 2021, it is a whole new world. Fortunately, there are leaders like Ross Levinsohn to make sure the future is still bright.

Ross Levinsohn is a leading executive in digital media. In 2020, he was named the CEO of Maven. In his position at Maven, Levinsohn has full control of the company and its numerous media properties. Maven operates the History Channel and Sports Illustrated among other things, which means that Levinsohn’s leadership will have an impact on many lives. He is thoroughly experienced for the task.

A quick look back at his career will explain. Ross Levinsohn went to school in the 1980s, and he climbed the corporate ladder at various media companies in the 1990s. During this time, technology was on the cusp of change. In order to excel, upcoming prospects would have to embrace that change. That is exactly what Levinsohn was able to do.

Levinsohn took on his first major leadership role at CBS Sportsline in the 1990s. From here, his insight into digital media made him a star. He quickly took on a series of other positions. He was an especially valuable asset at Fox Interactive Media. His decisions there helped guide the company into the digital world, and his impact is still felt to this day.

His most newsworthy role probably came when he took over at Yahoo. Yahoo was experiencing a great deal of turmoil in the 2000s, and after a string of bad decisions, the company was left in need of a strong leader. Levinsohn stepped in for a temporary role, and he was able to provide the company with the direction it needed.

Ross Levinsohn has continued to build his career, and it has brought him all the way to Maven. With such powerful experience and proven decision-making skills, Levinsohn will help direct digital media growth for the decades to come.