Ross LevinsohnMany people are afraid to rock the boat, but this isn’t a concern of Ross Levinsohn. Over the past 30-plus years of his career in communications and technology, Mr. Levinsohn has not been afraid to make the tough decisions. He makes those decisions based on market analyses and hard data, yet he always ensures that he communicates effectively to all parties involved. His efforts have saved a multitude of companies, brands and publications that the public has known and loved for decades.

Education and Personality

Mr. Levinsohn earned his degree in communications at American University in 1985. Outgoing and not afraid to put himself in the limelight, his first role was co-founding a production firm. Four years later, he joined HBO. He spent five years handling branding and marketing for its Time Warner Sports department. Mr. Levinsohn followed this with five years at CBS and two years at Alta Vista, where he learned the power of the internet and how it was changing communications in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Manager and Leader

Fox Interactive Sports Media gave Ross Levinsohn a chance to manage a department and lead a team in 2001. He enjoyed coordinating the daily news and updates to its online sports department. He was so good at it that the board of directors elected him as the company’s CEO in 2004. Mr. Levinsohn led the company for three years, then passed the baton to his cousin in 2006.

Entrepreneur and Go-getter

The year 2006 was one of change for Mr. Levinsohn. A fellow entrepreneur by the name of James Heckman broached the opportunity to co-found a digital ad company with Mr. Levinsohn. Their successful company, 5to1, was purchased by Yahoo four years later. Yahoo asked Mr. Levinsohn to serve as the CEO of its Americas division, and he readily agreed. For his part, Mr. Heckman stuck with entrepreneurship and founded Maven. Mr. Levinsohn spent the next nine years as Yahoo’s interim leader and as the CEO at companies from coast to coast, including Boston Consulting Group. Mr. Levinsohn rejoined Mr. Heckman at Maven and became CEO in 2020.