For survival to be achieved in these pandemic times means that business owners need to do more than just establish a business. London restaurant owners as with all business owners have had to face difficult times caused by the surge and increase of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ryan Bishti, a successful entrepreneur, has encouraged restaurant owners to liaise with the government to ensure that they maintain success in 2022. Good collaboration with the governments may enforce initiatives like Eat Out programs and tax relief programs that may help restaurants thrive amidst the changing times of the pandemic. Besides this, Ryan Bishti emphasizes incorporating necessary components that can be used to help restaurant owners achieve the successful year of 2022. Here are some components explained.

Buy Produce from Local Communities


One challenge that restaurant owners have continuously faced is the rise in the cost of food. This has led them to be faced with the dilemma of increase of food prices or facing the loss of customers. Ryan Bishti emphasizes that owners should take advantage of the availability of local produce. This will in turn lead to positive community relations, which will enhance customer loyalty. It will also reduce the need to increase food prices, so encourage customers to consistently return.

Staff Investment


Ryan Bishti emphasizes the need to constantly check on the welfare of one’s workers. He noted that the start of the pandemic led to many workers leaving their jobs due to low wages and stressful work situations. Better wages will encourage workers to stick around. Also, instituting consistent standards that uphold a conducive workspace that upholds staff rights will encourage employee loyalty.

Customer Focus

Ryan Bishti has seen his business grow because of his ability to put his consumers’ needs first. The pandemic has brought safety regulations as of utmost importance regarding consideration of customer needs. Consumers will continually choose to come back if they are guaranteed their safety from Covid-19. Ryan, therefore, emphasized that restaurant owners who are foreseeing survival in 2022 must adhere to maintaining all Covid-19 regulations. They must ensure that both their service and environment are of the highest quality standard.