Scott DylanScott Dylan has been involved in the field of information technology for over three decades. He is currently President of Fresh Thinking Group, an investment firm, and a mentor to new businesses and entrepreneurs. Dylan’s professional expertise includes publishing digital content for e-readers, mobile phones, and tablet computers such as iPads.

In addition, Dylan has guided hundreds of startup firms in the areas of technology, publishing, and marketing. He has been a featured speaker for several entrepreneurial panels at various universities around the globe and has also presented seminars to support startup businesses.

He was recently named President of the International Business Exchange. This non-profit organization supports small and emerging companies looking to expand into foreign markets, to further his commitment to supporting startups.

Scott Dylan has contributed significantly to the success of the Fresh Thinking Group and to the various entrepreneurial ventures it has backed. He has been active in promoting new companies, ideas, and investments in the worlds of technology and publishing for three decades.

As a leader of the organization, Scott Dylan is responsible for mentoring and guiding new entrepreneurs and seeking and funding various publishing projects. He is a regular speaker at entrepreneurial events on college campuses such as the University of California in Santa Barbara, where he supports students interested in starting their businesses.

He spent most of his time developing innovations that are meant to help the Fresh Thinking Group secure a vast market share and more powerful positions in the technology, publishing, and investment sectors. For instance, he has been responsible for developing digital content publishing systems for e-books and mobile phones that have helped establish Fresh Thinking Group as a leader in these areas.

Also, Scott Dylan has a comprehensive team of individuals who are passionate about technology matters. He mentors these individuals to help them develop their knowledge and skills in new technologies so that they can become industry leaders. Initially, he worked closely with his team members to launch a startup company called Tempo Content, specializing in developing digital publishing systems for commercial use. This has helped him make a great name in the technology industry.