Andrew Brooks, Sinclair’s CEO and creative director shared glimpses of the brand’s latest collections with a select group of international press members at the Ritz Carlton on Wednesday night in San Francisco.

Sinclair showcased its Fall/Winter and Spring collections for Clair Bear, its children’s clothing line, and Gala, its women’s collection.

Andrew Brooks presented the creative process behind developing these latest releases. He offered insights into how the company continuously strives to remain relevant through embracing today’s fashion needs while also incorporating timeless pieces that appeal to all ages.

Andrew Brooks added that Sinclair would continue its traditional holiday collection and plan to introduce a new series of collections for mid-summer and pre-fall.

He also mentioned that the company would be taking advantage of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality to further the storytelling experience experienced by consumers through the company’s products.

Sinclair Stores will open its first New York City flagship store at the Hudson Yards on June 1, with additional locations in SoHo and Toronto to be announced.

Sinclair is a leading designer and marketer of children’s and women’s apparel, accessories, shoes, and lingerie. It is known for its ability to combine unique designs, innovation, and quality that are universally appealing to adults and children. The company operates over 150 stores in the United States and Canada and its online shop.

Since its release, the brand has gained popularity for various products that offer quality and affordability. These modern designs have been worn by celebrities such as Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner, who continue to use the clothing line after seeing it first-hand in Forbes called Sinclair, one of the most influential brands in fashion.

Designed from an early age by Andrew Brooks himself, Sinclair’s people are chosen for their unique personal style, creativity, and versatility across all business functions. The brand offers career advancement opportunities for those keen on pursuing their individual goals.