How OSI Group Makes Sure McDonald’s Beef is Safe Despite Using No Preservatives

People nowadays really want to know what the ingredients are in the food they eat. Some people prefer to eat organic ingredients, others watch the amount of sodium they consume, and many don’t want to buy anything with food additives in it. This extends to fast food, such as a hamburger at McDonalds.

McDonald’s gets a lot of customers. They once stated in a manual they 75 hamburgers were bought from them every second. A guy named David Whipple once bought a burger from McDonalds and stuck it in his cupboard for 14 years. When he pulled it out it looked the same as when he stuck it in there.

However, that the hamburger didn’t decay didn’t have anything to do with preservatives. It’s just that the microbes that cause rotting couldn’t eat the hamburger because there wasn’t the water they need to live in the cupboard. People think McDonald’s food has lots of preservatives but the fact is they don’t have any.

OSI Group is one of McDonalds largest suppliers of beef. One of their food processing facilities is located in Günzburg, Germany. On an average day, they create 5 million beef patties at this facility. The facility is about the size of a soccer field and almost all of it is dedicated to McDonald’s with 10% going to other companies.

OSI Group employees are very concerned with making sure everything is hygienic in the factories such as in Günzburg. For example, if an employee comes down with something they have to be checked out by a doctor before they can head back into work. This is required because OSI Group doesn’t want any viruses or bacteria coming into contact with the beef. There are also no preservatives so the quality requirements of the beef need to be strictly maintained.

They also don’t allow anything loose on the factory floor because it could otherwise end up in the meat. OSI Group employees also check all incoming beef for bones. The beef is stored in 1,100 pound sealed containers before it is minced and formed into a patty and then delivered to restaurants.

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