The Chainsmokers: Taking on the Summer

The Chainsmokers were formed when the band’s current manager, Adam Alpert, introduced two of friends to each other, Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart. Alpert knew that Pall needed a DJ partner, and he also knew that Taggart would be a perfect fit. Pall and Taggart had a quick, easy chemistry together and both men quit their day jobs to make a gS .

By 2014 the Chainsmokers were ready for their debut, playing a show at Terminal 5 in New York in September as the opener for Timeflies. The show was a success and the Chainsmokers were ready to get it done.

They have had several chart-topping songs and Ep’s, but arguably their biggest success came with their first full-length album, “Memories…Do Not Open.” The album hit #1 on both of Billboard’s Dance/Electronic and Top 200 Charts. They have a great deal of crossover popularity, selling many albums outside of the dance/electronic genre.

They often release free singles via their website, with the songs being downloadable for anyone. These singles are often more experimental than their longer play recordings. Though these single releases they maintain a presence in the music scene between longer albums. They also get the chance to explore other genres of music and collaborate with a diversity of other musicians.

The most recent of their singles, “Side Effects”, is a collaboration with Emily Warren. Pall and Taggart have worked with Warren several times before and enjoy their experiences with her, naming her one of their “favorite people.” “Side Effect” represents a return to a more upbeat sound for the Chainsmokers, who tend to write music incorporating their feelings and experiences at the time. During the last winter, normally a subdued and melancholy time, they were having some rough experiences and much of the music they released at the time showcase this. Pall and Taggart consciously made “Side Effects” more upbeat, with a faster tempo. They wanted to step into summer with something they described as a “summer banger” for their fans. They want the new season to have a new direction for their music.

Alex Pall And The Chainsmokers Find Their Voice

The DJ duo known as the Chainsmokers have already made waves in the music industry with hit singles like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. These songs, as is common for DJ’s, featured the words and voices of other artists. Now, with their smash, new track “Closer”, the duo is taking a role front and center, joining Halsey on the vocals.


This change came about from a shared desire by both members, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, to bring a personal touch to their work. They each have something to say and are ready to say it. For the duo, this isn’t just about finding their voice, but about finding a voice for dance music in general. It is a genre not often known for introspection and depth, and the Chainsmokers are aiming to change that.


For Pall, who used to spend his days working at an Art Gallery, his work as a DJ was only a childhood hobby, until he realized how much this industry he was playing around in had given him a sense of purpose and self. Pall was already in New York, and it was through his manager that he teamed up with Taggart, quit his day job, and the rest is, as they say, history.


The two guys hit it off immediately, bonding over a shared love of music and an ambition to share that love with a wider audience. To this day, their evolution and music has all been born out of an ongoing series of conversations about life, music, and art. For Pall, this means continuing to push the music into new areas and new sounds.


The idea to take lead vocals seems obvious to Pall. He and Taggart were already writing lyrics for the music they were producing. Singing their own words was a logical step, and for Pall, teaming up with Halsey to take that step didn’t require much thought. Her sense of artistry and vocal prowess felt like a perfect combination.


Pall’s goal as the Chainsmoker’s fame grows, is to keep pushing the limits of their music and their visual style, always bringing something new to their fans and themselves.