Vijay Eswaran, an entrepreneur of Malaysian origin who doubles up as an author and philanthropist. Vijay Eswaran leads as the executive chairman and founder of QI Group of companies with headquarters based in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. The QI Group of Companies is currently found in more than thirty countries.

The country of birth for this prominent entrepreneur is Penang in Malaysia. For funding his university education, he worked as a taxi driver in London and Illinois. After graduating, Eswaran has spent many years working in various companies as an information system engineer.

After spending thirteen years in the West, Vijay Eswaran finally moved back to the East, where he founded a direct sale company in the Philippines. The company was later changed to QNET after upgrading company to both direct selling and e-commerce.

The QNET has, over the years, managed to train and empower more than one million entrepreneurs across the world. In all the QI Group of Companies, Eswaran has ensured that all companies adhere to sustainable business practices and positively impact the communities around them. To bring the positive impact to fruition, Eswaran has decided that ten percent of the revenues gotten from the companies will be channeled to the RHYTHM Foundation, a social impact initiative of the company.

The foundation aims to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals on Gender Equality, Sustainable Community Development, and Quality Education. For Sustainable community development, Vijay Eswaran has used plant-based meals in all the companies and issued a ban on single-use plastics.

Vijay has founded the Quest International University in Malaysia to satisfy his love for education and empower the community. The university at the moment has a population of three thousand students and from over thirty countries. The university strives to encourage its graduates to apply to Vijay Eswaran Mantra for the three A’s. The mantra entails Adjust, Accommodate and Adapt in all situations. Read more: