It has not been easy but Tim Murawski has now been successful in a career that spans more than 3 decades. So what is the secret to his longevity? Well, he believes it is due to the fact that he has a good work ethic. As such, Tim Murawski was able to get straight A’s during his time in high school. When his senior year came around, he was granted the title of valedictorian which he humbly accepted. 


Once the time had come to graduate, he had his pick of countless top tier colleges throughout the US. While he may have been tempted to go with one of the ivies, in the end he decided to stay local. So successful businessman and entrepreneur Tim Murawski became a student at WIU in the late 80’s & went on to impress all of his professors with his good grades. He knew he had to start planning for his future which is why he began going to career fairs in an effort to make contacts & network. 


When Tim Murawski finally had enough credits, he was ready to graduate & this is when he took the first job he could get. So he began his career in sales but knew he would go on to do bigger & better things than just answering phones. Overall within the medical industry and biotechnology. For Tim Murawski, this soon came in the form of AM & this is when he was in a position to do the most good. So he recruited only the best to help in his efforts to improve the world. 

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