The Robinson Helicopter Company: Passion through the generations

Robinson HelicopterFrank Robinson became fascinated at a young age by machines that could hover in the air. His passion never faded through the years, and it led him to a lifelong career in designing and building helicopters.

Frank founded the Robinson Helicopter company in 1973, after many attempts to inspire others to see beyond what they thought achievable. Working tirelessly, he was able to introduce his new helicopter, the R22.

The Robinson Helicopter Company is a family-owned business, and their goal was always to have safety as their priority while maintaining high-quality craftsmanship. When the company started to take off, they set their sights sky high. They continuously are researching and creating newer, more effective technology for their helicopters. The R44 and the R66 are the current favorites for customers.

Frank Robinson was the backbone of this companies success, but after spending his life perfecting his craft, he retired at the age of 80, passing the torch to his son Kurt Robinson.

Robinson Helicopter

The Robinson Helicopter company is still thriving under Kurt’s leadership. The company recently had a huge change, something that they had been working on for around seven years. They have introduced an engine monitoring unit. This is a new feature for their R22 and R44. This new system will help with a lot of monitoring of the oil, different temperatures, pressure, and speeds. This can help out a lot when it comes to the maintenance of the helicopters.

The ambition of the Robinson Helicopter Company continues to soar and adapt. With their success comes great optimism for the future.