With His Passion in the Aviation Industry, Frank Robinson Founded a Company that is Recognized for its High-Quality Helicopters

Robinson HelicopterRobinson Helicopter Company was established in 1973 by Frank Robison aiming to produce high quality and reliable helicopters. Frank Robison introduced the R22, an aircraft that was powered by two pistons. The economical personal design made helicopter ownership easier for a wide range of audiences and changed many people’s perspectives on the aviation industry. The Company has produced and sold approximately 12,000 helicopters, with the highest sales coming from the sale of R44 and R66 helicopters. Frank Robison majorly focuses on research and development of new technology and constantly improving helicopters’ designs.

The company produce, put together and conducts flight tests in its factory in Torrance, California. Robinson Helicopter Company is committed to recruiting skilled employees. Frank Robinson offer courses regarding safety and maintenance at the factory that has aided in winning more customers globally. There is an increasingly high number of clients from overseas who purchase the company’s products. Long-distance flights participants have also used numerous Robinson helicopters. For instance, Pilot Jennifer Murray travelled for a long distance using the R44 helicopter worldwide in September 2000. Additionally, two pilots flew the two piston-powered R44 to the North Pole, becoming the first people to make such a trip.

Frank Robison passion in the aviation industry grew at a very young age when he saw a photo of Igor Sikorsky hovering over his helicopter. It was surprising how an aircraft would maneuver in that manner, and he decided to align his career in the aviation industry. In his college studies, Frank Robinson pursued an undergraduate and graduate degree in helicopter designs. Before launching Robison Helicopter, he worked in different aviation sectors, which equipped him with adequate experience to start his own company.

Robinson Helicopter

In 1980, Robison Helicopter began developing R44, a four sitter helicopter and later received the FAA approval in 1993 for delivery. Frank Robinson retired in 2010 and passed the leadership of the company to his son, Kurt Robinson. Kurt Robinson has since then followed his father’s example and produced high quality and reliable helicopters. He currently serves as the president of Robinson Helicopter Company and he is optimistic about the company’s future.