On April 16, 2017, the Call of Duty Endowment announced that it had reached its $50,000 crowdfunding goal two years early. It did so by assisting eligible players in raising money for the eSports organization that is their calling card – Team Liquid. This news came as a surprise to some gamers and an insult to others who were unaware that only pro teams could qualify to receive funding from the endowment fund. Teams must be eligible via an open application process based on financial need and performance at events organized by professional league owners. In 2012, Activision Blizzard created the Call of Duty Endowment to improve player access to competitive gaming opportunities for college students, coaches, and other grassroots players.

How Does the Endowment Work?

The Call of Duty Endowment provides financial assistance to teams that qualify for the endowment-based program. The program is managed by a board of advisors that includes eSports and gaming community representatives. The membership of this group is weighted toward pro teams whose primary purpose is to ensure the integrity of the competitions. The approval process for each supported team is very rigorous. Teams must provide financial integrity and viability documentation and pass a thorough application process that includes extensive due diligence overseen by the endowment.

Why is the Call of Duty Endowment Important?

Amateur teams that qualify for the endowment fund are given financial assistance for the duration of the competition. That assistance comes in the form of grants, which are tax-free and non-expendable funds. Teams that win the contest receive a cash prize directly from Activision Blizzard.

Which Teams Qualify for Endowment Funds?

Teams that qualify for the endowment program are determined by a points system based on the teams’ financial health and records at events. Those teams that are eligible automatically and meet all of the eligibility requirements are granted support.

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