Seeing someone who is very successful in business giving back to society is quite inspiring.

Andrew Lazarus still remembers to build up the surrounding people as he continues running his companies.

He is a great businessman known for his immense success within the hospitality industry.

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The businesses include owning many entertainment venues, buying, and reconditioning world-famous hotels and properties.

That has been impressive, but what has made him get to where he is now?

Let’s begin with the projects he indulged in.

Most of his known projects were purchasing, renovating, and selling the Macquarie Hotel.

The businessman owned Eastern in Bondi Junction hotels, Exchange Hotel in Hamilton, and Shoal Bay Country Club.

Among the listed projects, let us see how some of them have made his generosity possible.

  1. Vaucluse Home

In 2018, he made news when he sold his famous Vaucluse home to Roby Sharon-Zipser’s wife, the co-founder and chief operating officer of Hi-Pages.

The agreement went for eight million dollars in a weak market deal. It was situated in the upscale park area and has also undergone refurbishment for two decades by famous designer Cameron Kimber.

  1. Exchange Hotel in Hamilton

Eastern Hotel Group acquired the Exchange Hotel in Hamilton in 2016.

It was somehow successful in 2020 but shut down for refurbishment to make the venue a premier live music space in Newcastle.

The upgrades are changing the gaming and car park areas into rooms for music live.

  1. Macquarie Hotel

Lazarus picked up the hotel in Liverpool to open a new pub in the area.

He was recognized because he aimed to jump into development within the inner city of the outer West.

Macquarie Hotel was bought when the renovation was ongoing, and the business was already booming in that area.

Still, he expanded it to include a more regular joe type and Australia’s rich and famous.

  1. Shoal Bay Country Club

Being situated on the water, Andrew Lazarus transformed it into a hospitable venue, giving it a different look.

Lazarus saw the impact of changing it for families, even though it was primarily for men alone.

He wanted the site to be so appealing to the area.

Besides his hotel and club industry work, he impacts charity work.

He hopes he will have more time to directly approach charity work as he retires and steps out of hospitality projects.

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