BeachbodyWhen Carl Daikeler established Beachbody in the 1990s, consumers were increasingly focused on fitness. They were drawn to the growing number of gyms to lose weight, increase muscle tone and improve wellness. However, Daikeler realized that the typical gym workout experience was not ideal for a large number of people. Some people could not afford the membership fees, and others did not enjoy exercising in a public environment. He created Beachbody in response to that gap. Specifically, the company was founded to give fitness enthusiasts a convenient way to enjoy a full workout at home at an affordable price. As proof of the company’s success over the years, it recently went public under the BODY ticker sign. More than that, it is valued at over $2 billion today.

The company’s initial product line was centered around home fitness videos. Consumers selected one or several videos to buy, and they watched these videos as many times as desired. Thanks to the internet and to the company’s ever-expanding array of workout programs, the company recently made a major structural shift that boosted profits and that met consumers’ changing needs. All 1,500 of its workout programs are now available online behind a paywall. With one monthly fee, individuals could enjoy everything from strength training workouts to yoga, Pilates and more.


Shakeology is another popular product in the company’s line, and it is designed to fill a need in the marketplace as well. For many people, the average diet leaves nutritional gaps that contribute to low energy levels, grumpiness, weight gain and more. The Shakeology line gives people a convenient solution for complete nutrition.

Carl Daikeler is the brainpower behind Beachbody and Shakeology, and he is also an avid supporter of major charitable organizations. In fact, he has personally gifted $10 million to the Beachbody Foundation. The foundation then supports groups like NAACP, Upward Bound House, the Lakota Nation and more.