In any business sector, experience is an essential aspect. Brandon Taubman has been in the data sector for a lengthy period. Brandon is a data scientist who has been in the business for over 15 years and has found success in both the public and private sectors. He spent six years on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs, building quantitative models to predict institutional trading patterns.

Brandon Taubman then went on to work for NASA as a data scientist to lead analytics and operations research teams, breeding innovation across the agency as it developed new ways of understanding data sets. Today, Brandon is the head of data at 21|You, guiding the data science practice for this next-generation financial services company. He is already aware that data plays a vital role in pushing financial organizations to the next level in their business operations. Read more

During his tenure on Wall Street, Brandon Taubman developed a keen appreciation for quantitative models and how they can be used to eliminate real-world business problems. He also embraced the technology that was coming about at that time open-source programming languages like Python and R. These free software tools offer superior speed and flexibility compared to legacy packages like SAS and SPSS. Not only are these products free, but they are easy to use and access.

Brandon Taubman is a firm believer in sharing data between platforms, making these programs the best environment for data scientists. When NASA came calling, Brandon was happy to answer the call on several levels. First off, he was excited to try his hand in a new and different sector of the business world. Brandon was also thrilled at the prospect of continuing working with data science tools and bringing about positive change for NASA. Through working in different entities, Taubman has gained unmatched experience in the entire sector.