ClearObject Engineering is an innovative cloud computing solutions provider that provides its clients with a set of modular manufacturing technologies that enable the easy creation of custom-designed objects. Its patented design allows users to easily create, store, manage and deliver all types of printed or manufactured objects through their cloud services. This technology allows the easy transfer of various information within the company or between different locations on the internet. With these benefits, ClearObject will surely capture the attention of many manufacturing industries.

The ClearObject cloud services use state-of-the-art imaging technology to allow for a quick and easy visual inspection of any type of manufactured object. This makes it easier for workers to improve manufacturing processes and find fault lines in the design. This also allows the company to offer cost-efficient and time-efficient support for its clients. The company boasts of a large portfolio of fully customizable software programs that can help its clients manufacture objects in bulk with minimal downtime.

The ClearObject key selling point is that it has a complete toolbox for every type of manufacturing industry. Some of its cloud services include fast upload, fast data transfer, and fast retrieval. These benefits are particularly useful for low-volume production companies that cannot afford to lose too much time or money on retooling or reworking. The company offers total service automation and has integrated industrial designers with engineers that have experience and expertise in a wide array of applications including CAD design, CAM, ERP, and Manufacturing Information Systems. Its cloud services are capable of delivering all types of printed or manufactured objects, which include components, parts, racks, pipes, assemblies, automotive parts, and even digital cameras. ClearOclex Engineering is focused on providing high-quality products to clients worldwide.

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