Never in the history of the insurance industry could anyone think that agents, brokers, and other employees in the industry would work from home. As known to many people, insurance industry employees, especially agents, are seen on the streets chasing after clients. However, Heath Ritenour, the Chief Executive Officer of Insurance Office of America says that Covid-19 has had a negative and positive impact on the sector. Heath, who has been in the forefront in championing for better policies within the insurance industry, says that as an industry, there are many things to be happy about even Covid-19 continues to cause havoc in many countries.

On the benefits working from home has brought to the insurance industry, Heath Ritenour opines that agents, employees whether junior or senior, save a lot. “Working from home makes it possible for insurance personnel to save a lot of money that would otherwise go to transport, accommodation, and other utilities,” said Heath Ritenour. The Insurance of America Chief Executive Officer notes that in the end, the money that would be used to pay for flights and even pay for office space can be saved for company expansion. Still on serving clients effectively, Heath Ritenour suggests that insurance companies should look at ways of ensuring that the application process is streamlined online and made easier for clients to understand the whole process.

Speaking on the history of the insurance industry, Heath Ritenour agrees that numerous paperwork applications and cumbersome processes characterize the sector. For many years, insurance firms have used ancient ways of getting and serving clients. To him, this can be reduced by embracing technology. With new technology on board, it will be easy for clients to apply and acquire insurance policies from their homes without necessarily traveling to company offices. Clients can also pay for their premiums while confident that their money will be safe.

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